Farmers Dynasty

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a game by UMEO Studios
Platform: PC (2017)
User Rating: 9.7/10 - 6 votes
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Farmers Dynasty
Farmers Dynasty
Farmers Dynasty

Simulation games are a great way for people with varying interests who have little in the way of practical real world resources and know-how to get a feel for certain activities. There are simulation games out there for all kinds of activities, ranging from everything like flying commercial or fighter planes to playing as a farm animal in Goat Simulator. If in that case you find yourself more interested in playing the owner of a farm rather than the animals on the farm and want to get a realistic feel for the farmer life, Farmers Dynasty is a great chance at that.

In Farmers Dynasty, you play as a man who has just inherited a farm from his late grandfather and comes to the plot of land to take it over in his stead. The character doesn't know much of anything at all about farming but is given the chance to learn and ask questions before embarking upon the task of managing one. The main character does, however, have a background in basic construction and engineering, which comes in handy, especially for the first leg of the game.

Shifting Objectives of Farmers Dynasty

Though the name may make it sound like your character only exists to plow and irrigate, that isn't necessarily true at first. Instead, for the first handful of hours of gameplay, you aren't doing much in the way of farming at all. Instead, you have to get the structures of the farm, like the silo, barn and other buildings, back in working order from where grandpa left them in disrepair. You have to work to repair a lot of areas and erect scaffolding using various materials and working with surfaces like brick, wood and concrete. You end up helping others in the community to repair their areas for money, which allows you to purchase the agricultural equipment you're going to need to get the farm running like seeds, garages, greenhouses, a henhouse, a stable and more. This calls for more engineering tasks before you get to actually farm.

Once you are farming, you have to go through the motions of farming in what turns out to be a very relaxing experience. You must plough the fields and aerate the soil before planting seeds, fertilizing them and so on. Bales of hay can be constructed to feed the animals, and you can store various things in the silo. Of course, there are also animals that can be accommodated, like cows and chickens. You have to care for them each day as well, and both the animals and plants can be sold to mills.

Pros of Farmers Dynasty

  • Various objective types
  • Laid-back gameplay style
  • Realistic expectations of tasks to be performed

Cons of Farmers Dynasty

  • Engineering may not be a part of what the player wants to deal with
  • Unable to change the appearance of the main character
  • Limited numbers of quests

Bottom Line

Farmers Dynasty is a great farming simulator for those who are looking for something straightforward and relaxing but also for something that extends a little past basic farming, thanks to its elements of engineering. This is an older game but still stands up to the test of time and is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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