Firefighting Simulator - The Squad

Download Firefighting Simulator: The Squad and experience the thrilling life of a firefighter! Respond to emergencies, extinguish fires, and save lives in this realistic simulation game. Join the squad and play now!
a game by Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 30 votes
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Firefighting Simulator - The Squad
Firefighting Simulator - The Squad
Firefighting Simulator - The Squad

In Firefighting Simulator - The Squad you are called upon to battle against raging fires that run rampant across an open-world city. Alone with AI companions or three friends to form a squad, you find yourself in a race against time to rush the firetruck to a local fire, save building inhabitants, and put out the fires before things really get out of control.

Where’s the Fire?

In this game you choose from a list of fires on a map that work like levels to be unlocked. Surprisingly, similar to Goat Simulator there’s a good bit of autonomy there - as, after the mission is chosen the player drives through a fairly well realized open-world toward the objective.

It’s a race against time and the driving is overall good (with wheel support), but with so many of the objectives so far from the starting point, it can take over six real-time minutes to get there and some fires are so small they only take another minute to put out. This imbalance in gameplay makes for a lot of driving, and not always a lot of firefighting. Beyond that, it’s interesting that with a fully realized open-world, the game doesn’t let you explore it. You drive from point A to B, but you don’t just have the ability to drive around and get emergency calls of, “Fire! Fire!”

X-Ray Vision Comes Standard

When it comes to the actual firefighting in the game it can be hit or miss. The fire effects look good, but unfortunately with a weak physics engine they don’t spread realistically or get vastly out of control unless they are scripted to do so. Surprisingly, the physics to break down a door look good but that system doesn’t seem to be shared in relation to the fire and the building. Additionally, being that it’s a simulator the player might expect some realism when going into these burning buildings but in a strange design choice, the firefighters have x-ray navigation points directing them to the injured people or electrical dangers. This oversight really makes the game go over the line of simulator.

Simulate What Now?

Most of the time when a game attaches itself to the word “simulator”, like Farming Simulator or even Hunting Simulator, the audience has an understood response to expect a certain degree of realism to the game. And, when it comes down it, that single word is what has us look at Firefighting Simulator gameplay under a more observant eye. While the graphics are relatively good, especially the fire effects and overall lighting, the physics and the actual fires can tend to be limited. The word “simulator” has us expect more: realistic physics, intelligent AI, and authentic tools.

This game has parts of some, but doesn’t excel in any. Where it might be close in authentic tools, it is diminished by hiding content like trucks behind an XP grind and locked-off missions.


There aren’t many firefighting games on the market and though it’s nice to see progress in that direction, this one is liberal with the term ‘simulator.’ Overall, it’s not a fundamentally broken game and has the pieces to be something fun with friends. However, when it attaches itself to the word “simulator”, it places itself in another category of game that it doesn’t quite reach and now is left teetering on the wall between genres.


  • Great fire effects
  • Fun driving systems
  • A lot of variety with fires


  • Not really a simulator
  • Too much driving
  • Limited physics engine
  • Blocks content behind XP walls, diminishing realism

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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