House Flipper

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a game by Red Dot Games, and Empyrean Games
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 8.3/10, based on 3 reviews, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.1/10 - 79 votes
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House Flipper
House Flipper
House Flipper

House Flipper is actually a game I downloaded because I thought it would be something my wife would enjoy. I have a feeling that those who enjoy the home creation side of The Sims are going to have a really awesome time with this. There are a ton of house flipping TV shows these days and I have often watched them and thought “I can do that” and now thanks to this game I have the chance to prove that.

Money, Money And More Money!

The ultimate goal of House Flipper is to become rich by flipping your properties. You buy a run-down place; you fix it up and then you sell it for hopefully a ton of profit. I know that I am making this sound incredibly easy and simplistic, but there is actually a lot of depth to what you have to do in this game. You are basically a one-person renovation crew and everything rests on you! You need to purchase your property, but at first, you have only so much money to spend. Most of the properties are kind of gross and need some major TLC and that is where your first real “job” comes into play.

Bring In The Wrecking Crew

Most of the houses that you will purchase in the game need some heavy-duty maintenance done on them before you can even think about painting walls or adding decorations. You have various tools and parts that you can use to make repairs to things like the electrics as well as more structural things like the walls.

You also have to do a lot of cleaning. Sometimes you go into a house and it is full of cockroaches and is just as filthy as the local dump. You need to roll yourselves up and get to work tidying things up.

Your House Your Way

While you can play the game any way you want. You do have the confines of a budget to work with. So, while you may want to buy the finest kitchen countertops and the nicest oak floor. You have to factor in that you are here to make a profit and the more money you spend on renovating the house the higher the risk, you will not make as much profit!

This is a bit of a risk/reward kind of thing and one that can take a while to get the hang of. I can say that the actual designing of the houses is a lot of fun and I was impressed with how many different things there were for you to use to make each house different. The game has a smart progression system. As you make more money, you can get new tools, house items, and techniques that you can use to help build your house flipping empire!

I was very impressed with House Flipper. I got this for my wife to enjoy, but I have put a ton of time into it. I was surprised at just how easy it was to get into. While you can just screw around and design house. Trying to work within a budget and make fat stacks of cash so you can buy more houses to renovate and then flip is a lot of fun indeed.



  • Designing houses is fun
  • Wrecking houses and cleaning them is cool too!
  • Lots of different design options
  • You have to work as a handyman
  • It is way more addictive than you would think


  • I really wish they would embrace the modding community
  • Some might struggle to work within the allocated budget!

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

At the moment, simulation games that give us something a bit less violent to do are all the rage. People have grown tired of games being entirely narrative-driven or action-driven. There is more to life than fighting, after all. And for that reason, the development of Empyrean’s title, House Flipper, is one to keep a close eye on. First released in 2018, this game has grown to be among the most enjoyable of its kind.

Basically, as the name suggests, you buy a terrible old property and need to do it up. You change it, add new features, make improvements, tidy it up, and make it look as stylish as you can. Then, you sell the home on for a profit to others – and then you move on to a new property. If you have ever bought a home in real life, you will probably start to get reminders of the madness and chaos involved!

An excellent take on house flipping

While the costs and the challenges of house flipping are obviously streamlined – you don’t to spend an hour in a DIY store arguing with the person at the counter because they overcharged you for paint – everything else feels really engaging. You have more or less total control over what you do in each room; what colours you use, what designs you go for, and what themes you try out.

Much like other property development games like The Sims, you get to enjoy your own interior designer coming to life. You can try out things you might have wondered about in real life, or you can get really ambitious. You can batter down walls, you can clean and demolish everything, and you can basically do anything you want to your home – it really is filled with opportunities to get as creative as you like.

The barrier to entry here is the creativity that you have in your own mind. If you are unable to come up with ideas on how to make your home look creative, you might find that House Flipper is not for you. If you are creative and enjoy decorating, though, this could be your game of the year.

Attentive and enjoyable low stakes fun (9/10)

Having bought a house just about the time that House Flipper came out, there is a personal enjoyment attached to this game. It reminds us of many aspects of home décor and the little things we had to deal with to turn our property into our own home. It was stressful and it was intense in real life, but with House Flipper the whole thing is just fun!


This is a vey easy game to recommend, especially if you take a look at some of the DLC out there that can add even more challenges and new varieties of properties to work on.


  • Excellent attention to detail in every aspect of the house flipping experience
  • Streamlines boring aspects to help keep the experience fun and engaging
  • Plenty of opportunities and variety to help keep each flipping process enjoyable


  • If only flipping a house in real life was this easy – and fun!

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