Truck Racing By Renault Trucks

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Platform: PC (2010)
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 3 votes
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Truck Racing By Renault Trucks
Truck Racing By Renault Trucks
Truck Racing By Renault Trucks
Truck Racing By Renault Trucks

Deciding Whether To call this a proper game or not is difficult. While it certainly feels like a full game when you play, unless I'm more mistaken than a man who thinks Hilaire Belloc is still alive, it only has one track. I don't think I'm that mistaken, so I'm going with the "it's only got one track" argument for now. Even if it does indeed have more than one, it clearly isn't immediately obvious or easy to get to.

That this racer has only one track is a bit of a shame, because it's pretty good fun. For a truck racing game at least. There's only so much joy to be had trundling about in a large truck, after all. Especially if said fun has to be confined to the same track over and over again.

The game itself is strictly by-the-book - there are no flamethrowers or comic oil slicks you can lay on the track to foil your opponents. As you'd expect from a branded racing game, it's about making Renault's trucks look great. You can damage them, but only in a "trust us, it's damaged" way - so don't expect bits of the truck to be flying about all over the place.

The other letdown is the soundtrack: it's got to be one of the most hideous in the history of computer gaming. Even a PC speaker symphony from the '80s would've been better than this. It's so rubbish, I'm not sure why it was left in the game.

For a free game, Renault Truck Racing looks good. Obviously, with the funding provided by the French car manufacturer, you'd think it'd look better than something like Bullfist, but it's still nice to see pleasing visuals in a free title. It's not wonderful, only offering up to Shader Model 2.0 support, and there's a strange bright yellow sand effect when the AI hits the dirt beside the track, but everything is clean, functional and safe.

As it won't cost you a penny, you might as well download it and give it a go. The single track means it won't last long, but if you simply must experience what it's like to drive a Renault truck then this is the most best way to do it. Unless you're planning on being a truck driver in real life, of course. Or perhaps you are one. If those two things don't apply to you, then consider my last statement accurate.

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