Creatures 3

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a game by Creature Labs Ltd
Platform: PC
User Rating: 8.8/10 - 8 votes
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Sim games are some of the most popular games out there. There's a sim game for pretty much everything, but some of the most interesting ones are the ones that simulate life forms. That's the case with Creatures 3, developed by Creature Labs and released in 1999 for Linux, PC, and Macintosh.

Most of the modern-day simulation games place us in the role of some job, occupation, or even a person. And while you could say that The Sims is a life form simulation, it's something completely different from what happens in Creatures 3, so let's talk about it

About the game

In Creatures 3 you play the role of some sort of space babysitter, and you'll have to try and successfully breed an entire population of Norns. It all started when a thousand years ago a race of evil aliens destroyed attacked the ship the Sheep were used to flee from their planet. Forced to leave the ship, the Shee escaped the attack but abandoned these Norns into the ark. Luckily enough the ark remained functional and the Norn was able to survive, but now they are on their own.

That is, of course, until you appear and save the day. You'll have to watch over them and help them grow, rebuilding habitats and managing the resources. But you'll have to be very careful, as things are not totally peaceful. There are some evil Grendels still lurking around and hunting for the Norns. But they are not the only menace around, there's also the evil Ettins, another species that usually steal pretty much anything not locked or hidden.

Playing life

Even though the game could sound somehow simple, it sure isn't. There are many things to learn and master to get a grip when it comes to playing Creatures 3. There are a lot of breeds you'll have to discover, tons of different locations to explore and interesting game mechanics to understand.

In some ways, you could think about it as having your very own space sea-monkeys that you can pause. Well, it would be if your typical sea-monkeys were constantly under attack of evil animals. Compared to other life forms simulators such as Spore which came out almost a decade after Creatures 3, you can see some things it lacks. What's great about Sporeis that you create your own species and help it overcome evolution.

Still, for science fiction fans, Creatures 3 was an incredible experience, you could take care of an entire colony of aliens and help them grow. For the year of its release, it had a very interesting and innovative mechanics, so that's a lot of positive points for the game


Creatures 3 is a great experience to enjoy, but there's a lot to learn before you really start to enjoy it. Probably you should take your time and place the other games in the series before taking up this one. It has excellent replay value, thanks to its A.I. that makes the creatures learn, the games are completely different every time you play it. The big map and tons of things to discover will ensure many hours of fun into this weird game

  • Graphics and visuals: The graphics are basic, it depends more on its art style to shine. The designs are very creative and imaginative, weird aliens and scenarios that really feel alive are everywhere in this game.

  • Gameplay: It can be a real challenge to learn everything there is to play this game well, and this makes part of the gameplay a little boring. Still, once you understand how to play it becomes much better

  • Sound: There are some annoying constant sounds in this game and the soundtrack is not all that great. It is passable and alright for the game, but it certainly isn't one of its strong points

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Creatures 3 offers few surprises to those already , familiar with previous Creatures titles, but remains highly addictive for the many Creatures fans around the globe.

Based this time on a spaceship, the same rules that governed the first two titles also apply here - hatch and breed your Norns and help them to establish a safe world for future generations. For the first time, the game allows you to start the game with an already hatched starter generation consisting of two Norns who are ready to breed.

The object of the game is to establish a thriving Norn population on the spaceship and to eliminate the existing and evil Grendel population who, unless destroyed, will hunt your Norns and possibly eat the unhatched eggs (shock horror). The game lends you a helping hand here as the Norns, for the first time, have had a social element introduced allowing them to interact together. You can use this to get them to create machinery to hunt down the Grendels and finally rid the spaceship of their fetid presence. In summary then, a good addition to the already hugely popular and best-selling series of games.

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