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Genres: Action, Simulation
Platform: PC
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Spore was highly anticipated before its launch and it did not disappoint a bit on its arrival. The magic in the simulator is to allow you to create a powerful and smart creature that will conquer the world from an organism of one cell. The evolution of a powerless cell to a powerful being is the main illusion of this game that attracts wide range of players across the world.


Some people compare this game to Creature Creator but that it is only a fraction of the experience in Spore. Of course, creation tools attribute to popularity and fun of this game. However, the features here are enhanced for more reality. The early stages in the game allow you to create town halls, aircraft, and land vehicles that expose you to a world of propaganda. Religion is also mixed up in the creation process.

Beauty of the creations is dependent on your creative art skills. Depending on your expertise level, you have access to wings, mouth, legs, and arms among other parts of the body and different colors and texture to suit your creation. The goal is to produce a unique, pretty, and powerful being.

Creation tools

The tools can be used to create cartoons or original concepts of people. You are free to twist, resize and turn the structure of your creation to fit your preferences for the game. While you don’t have to emulate a powerful or beautiful character in existence, random choosing of parts may be unattractive. Of course, all the parts are beautiful and matching but you have to be considerate in choice of colors and shapes to come up with a sensible character. You need a beautiful beast to conquer the world.

Spore is about creativity. The tools are provided for you to deploy at appropriate times. If you have a liking for art and design, you have a lot to explore with the creation tools. However, the developers have also included complete designs to accommodate players without artistic skills. You can easily apply the designs on your creation tab to come up with a desired beast. Nevertheless, building with the vehicle tools is the most interesting way of playing Spores.

Besides, you are allowed to use other players’ creations and tools as inspiration for your creation. Actually, it is fun to check through previous players creations. It triggers many ideas on how to come up with an effective creation that guarantees you a win.


The first few hours of gameplay introduces you to an ogre with three arms. Be sure to make the ogre your friend because it might be the only creature on your screen at the beginning. Learn how the scales help the ogre roll up on the floor. Most players develop an affection with the hideous creature.

Spore can be accessed through Sporepedia, an online database that forms a community of players for sharing of ideas on beautiful creations. The platform is user-friendly; it increases your interaction level with other players worldwide hence ultimate game experience.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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