Evil Genius

a game by Elixir Studios
Platform: PC
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Evil Genius
Evil Genius
Evil Genius
Evil Genius

Unbelievably, This Is the first time Evil Genius has appeared in the budget pages, four years since it first trained a laser beam of bugged charm between the legs of a moderately surprised public. A tutorial sees your supervillain introduced to his volcano home, controllable henchman, the minions who run lair and train up to be specialised units for when the good guys attack. If they start slacking, you execute someone to make sure that everyone remains motivated. It's sensible, amoral touches like that put the try-hards like Manhunt to shame.

Evil Genius is much deeper than its fantasy-based inspiration, Dungeon Keeper, with a world map and global campaign of terror, culminating in the building of your very own Doomsday Device. This all lets you feel like you're playing your own game, instead of a series of numbered levels. The style of the game, not to mention the incredible original score, is so strong that even with the flaws (which have been mostly fixed with official and unofficial patches) it'll stick in your memory forever.

If you've never played Evil Genius before, do so now. Or we release the cyborg warthogs.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Essentially A Strategy title with added 'muhahahaha' content that's best played while simultaneously stroking a white cat, Evil Genius takes all of your bad guy fantasies and wraps them up in one accessible package.

Taking the basic gameplay of Dungeon Keeper, you have to construct your evil lair and combine it with some strategic Risk-style manoeuvring, while simultaneously preventing any do-gooders from infiltrating your base and messing up your plans for world domination via the use of your evil henchmen and some fiendish traps. Graphically, the game's always been more Austin Powers than James Bond and things can descend into micro-management mayhem, but this is mostly countered with a liberal dose of evil humour. Oh, and it has evil monkeys. What more could you want?

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