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a game by Wube Software LTD.
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 9.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Normally when they say automation is the wave of the future, it is said with a negative connotation. If we decide to automate every job out there, there won’t be any jobs left for us humans. I’d have to agree, I don’t like the idea either – it might be easier or cost-effective, but it sure won’t bode well in the long run. Then I played Factorio. I’m not so sure my opinions of real-life implementation of automation has really changed, though I definitely see the value in it from a corporate perspective.

Maybe that should receive greater investment after all. I kid of course – the fact is that Factorio is expansive and can be grindy. Unless, of course, you opt to automate everything around you so that you can focus on the other 20 tasks you’ve set for yourself. It’s a sandbox unlike any other that is well worth your time and effort because in the end you, too, will understand the joys of growing your factory.

The Puzzle

Factorio lets you build anything, anywhere, anytime, any way you’d like. It’s a sandbox builder with infinite possibility. So, what’s the puzzle? Finding out how to optimize every last bit of your factory to survive, grow, and ultimately profit like no other entrepreneur has done before. I’ll split this into two sections – factory development and tower defense. Factory development is anything but simple. Though you can set up and begin in a fashion similar to the title Astroneer, there’s a huge amount of nuance that comes with this game (not to say that Astroneer doesn’t, but I personally felt there was a definite way to play that vs. Factorio). There’s a wealth of systems to become accustomed to that will take a significant time commitment to even understand the basics – logic systems, railroads, robots, modules, blueprints, and more, its just a lot to get down. I love all these pieces as they are incredibly polished, competent, and ultimately easy to understand once you’ve played enough. To a casual player, though, this is an impossible wall to scale. If you’re an engineer, maybe you’ll have it down pat in the span of a couple weeks.

If you’re like me, significantly more ‘right brained’ and creative, this could be a herculean task. After all, there’s a reason I’m writing and not dealing with complex figures each day. Its not impossible but be warned that the game’s systems are so well crafted and thorough that it cannot be digested in a few sittings. Additionally, while the game’s art design is 2D, I love the graphics and sound design of the game.

Protect the Factory and Grow

Though there’s a lot to be said about the detailed crafting/progression systems, the tower defense portion of this game is incredibly well made too. The combat is smooth, appropriately challenging, and keeps you on your toes when other things around your base are going well. There are also five main weapons to choose from: pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, combat shotguns, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers. Realistically, flamethrowers were the best choice for a long time, though this has changed since the early days of the game.

Each of these classes has different functions for different enemies/situations, which is great because nothing irks me more than having multiple weapons classes, but one is clearly better than the rest. In a weird way, this reminds me of how well balanced the weapons are in Monster Hunter, though just like this game, there are some weapons that stand out.

Bottom Line

Overall, each minute I spent in this game was worth it and I ran into very few frustrating things that couldn’t be assisted with automation.


Love this game, love the progression, and love just about every small detail in between. Be prepared to dedicated hundreds of hours if you’re a base building, resource management lover, as Factorio is an essential addition to your game collection.


  • Virtually endless content
  • Progression system is balanced and unique
  • The factory must grow with abundant options for automation


  • Steep learning curve
  • Time dedication necessary to succeed

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Factorio is a multi-dimensional game with simulation, construction, management, crafting, strategy and open-world elements. In this game, you play as an engineer on another planet who must manage resources to build a rocket that can take them away from the planet.


You start by gathering resources to craft simple tools. These simple tools are then used to make parts needed for simple machines. These simple machines will then help you to create advanced machinery and technology. You generate your own power and build transportation networks. You start from basic resources with a goal towards building advanced factories, hence the name, Factorio.

Towards the latter stages of the game, your technology become so advanced that you have factories with automated assembly line systems for various things like transportation, resource mining, product manufacturing etc. You build robots, solar fields, oil refineries, rail lines, trains etc. You gain better armor and ultimately launch a rocket to win the game.

But you can choose not to launch the rocket. So, you can continue building other things even if you have enough technology and resources to build a rocket. You must put your managerial and logistics skills at work to keep the whole system working perfectly. You can save time by using console codes to manage your massive factories.

Factorio forces you to plan ahead as all your actions have implications. You might find yourself starting a new game all over if your past actions have drastic consequences. For example, placing assembly lines anywhere you please might hamper your transportation network later in the game. Factorio also has a combat element where you defend yourself from the indigenes of the alien planet. These indigenes become increasingly hostile and aggressive as you build more factories and pollute the environment more. You build tanks, turrets and other weapons to protect yourself from enemy attacks. As you construct things around your world, you must take care to build adequate defense systems.


Factorio has a strong mod support. You will find lots of mods made by content creators worldwide to enhance your overall gameplay experience. Some mods overhaul the entire game while some simply add tools to help your in-game management.
The in-game map editor also allows you to create your own map complete with terrain, entity, and enemies along with custom scripts.


Factorio has offline and online multiplayer modes whereby you can play with or against other players. You can compete with other players to build technologies and attack each other as you would in strategy games like Civilization, Age of Empires and Rise of Nations.


  • Addictive strategy and simulation game
  • Lots of player mods available
  • Constant improvements made to the game
  • Enjoyable multiplayer mode


  • The game needs more polish

Factorio is a rich strategy management game. The game is so rich, that you can spend tons of hours on it without getting bored. Factorio is still under development before its proposed September 2020 release date, so you can expect to see the game well-polished before its release. Before then, you can enjoy the game through Steam Early Access and Indiegogo.

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