The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy

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a game by Taito
Genre: Platformer
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 4 votes
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The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy
The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy
The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy
The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy

There's trouble in the town of Bedrock. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble have had their pets Dino and Hoppy (Barney's pet Hoppasaums) pet-napped by a slightly deranged dinosaur collector from the future.

Fred's space guy buddy, Gazoo, has a time traveler, so making the leap into the 30th Century and rescuing the pair could be a snap... if Gazoo's rig wasn't a broken down heap of junk. Here's the score. Fred's got to get his prehistoric rear in gear and hunt down the pieces that Gazoo needs to rebuild his time machine. If he doesn't, Dino and Hoppy are going to spend the rest of their days as modem day zoo specimens. Yabba Dab-ba... bummer!

Prehistoric Follies

In The Flintstones by Taito, the outskirts of Bedrock are a dinosaur-eat-Fred world. Seven vertically and horizontally scrolling levels take this unlikely hero through the wild and dangerous territories of Bedrock, Reefrock, the Jungle, Under the Sea, Tea Rock, Ice City, and the Future. There's plenty of bop-'n-hop action along the way when Fred crosses paths with dozens of dinosaurs and angry cave dwellers. In addition, there are three Basket Rock (bonus levels), where Fred takes on Hard-Head Harry for some one-on-one Stone Age hoops. You can bypass the Basket Rock rounds by simply walking past them on the map screen, however, a win on the courts earns Fred prizes (such as Hoppasaurus and a pair of Wings) that are lifesavers in later levels.

Wilma, Betty, Barney, and Gazoo all have co-starring roles. They pop up along the way and put in their two-cents by offering information and sometimes warnings. There's even a special guest star appearance from (hint) a well known cosmic kinda' guy whose initials are "G.J."


  • When battling the Level One dinosaur boss, stay to the far left of the screen and launch axes at its head between fire blasts.
  • Hit this "dino-launcher" Fred's club. As he flies into the air move him to the left and you'll be able to pick up the 1-up icon floating in the air.

Shakin' an Unlikely Leg

The pet-napping's obviously lit a fire under Fred. This notorious bumbler manages some impressive moves. Fred can make long leaps and latch onto ledges, roof tops, or logs and swing or lift himself up -- you name it he's on it like Velcro. It can be a little thumb-cramping to master the longer leaps, but overall the game-play is uncomplicated, feels solid, and is easy to master.

Dino-bashing weapons include a club that's great for up close combat. Also, by smashing open barrels with his club, Fred can pick up a few long range weapons, including a Slingshot, Egg Bombs, and an Axe. All weapons, aside from the club, are powered up by Coins which are also inside barrels. Fred must also collect Bronto Burgers and Cactus Coolers to replenish his life meter and fighting power.

Hop up and down on the Pterodactyl perches to prevent them from lowering Fred down the falls.

Here's Looking at You, Fred

When it comes to cartoons-gone-cartridge, graphics are a big hurdle. After all, if they don't look like the originals, what's the point. Well, this post-programming report, happily, is almost perfect. The Flintstones didn't lose their Stone Age good looks in the translation, even though there's a tad of sprite flicker. However, the music's definitely extinct; low volume serves you well.

If you're a little unsure about clearing the distance of a jump your best bet is to simply go for it and always, always press down Up. If Fred clears the distance, holding down Up ensures that he'll make the grab for the ledge.

A Yabba Do Time

It's surprising that it took so long for the Flintstones to show up on the video gaming scene. Whatever the reasons for the delay, it was worth the wait. The Flintstones is a really cool little 8-bit adventure. It sports nice graphics, lots of levels, good gameplay, good challenge, and, for those who need them, endless continues. Visit with American's favorite Stone Age family. You'll have a Yabba Do Time for sure.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • P-200, 32 MB RAM

Game Reviews

Turn your watch back a few million years and join the whole Flintstone family in prehistoric pandemonium. A visitor from the future has taken Dino and Hoppy, Fred and Barney's pets, for his prehistoric zoo. You have to help Fred get them back and restore happiness to Bedrock.

You must journey through Bedrock collecting pieces to build a time machine. Watch out though, primitive foes will cause many woes! Bikeman, Frankenstone, King Snake, and Saber Tiger are just a few of the unfriendly obstacles you and Fred will have to outsmart and outwit. Take advice from your friends in Bedrock too! They can provide helpful hints and key clues.

Well, you'd better get moving. You still have to figure out how you're gonna use Fred's one-on-one basketball skills, build that darn time machine, rescue your beloved pets, and much, much more!

Wow! You gonna be awfully busy.

Don't worry though; this comical adventure and Fred's encouraging "YABBA DABBA DOO!"TM will leave you in stone-age stitches.

Fred and Barney are hunting for their pets, Dino and Hoppy, who've been napped by an alien from the future. To save them Fred and Barney must stomp through eight prehistoric locales and gather the pieces of a time-machine so they can journey to the future.

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy is a first-rate platformer with a bright, colorful look that successfuly mimics the cartoon series. A museum collector from the future has kidnapped Dino and Hoppy, and Fred must piece together Gazoo's time machine to get them back.

Flintstones is a platform game based on the famous Flintstones series. The game features many original Flintstones characters, such as Fred, Wilma, Barney, and others. The large levels are divided into smaller stages. In the end of each level there is a boss battle. The gameplay involves mostly jumping and hitting the enemies on the heads with a club. The health is measured by hearts. During the game Fred will find many useful items, including some that will increase his health level.

Fred is easy to control, and his ability to club enemies and climb ledges goes a long way towards making the gameplay feel different from other titles in the genre.

You’ll make your way through 45 levels of wacky Flintstones high jinks battling dinosaurs and driving the Flintmobile in an effort to be the hero. If you think you’re up to the challenge, play the flintstones, save Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, and get a taste of prehistoric life while you’re at it!

Flintstones features:

  • Classic Flintstones action
  • 45 levels
  • Drive the Flintmobile
  • Enjoy cartoon-inspired animation
  • Appropriate for all ages

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