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Sega Genesis


Hellfire Game
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Sega Genesis
Cadash is a platform action RPG. You choose one of the four character classes in the beginning of the game and fight your way through dungeons using your physical attacks and spells.

Bubble Bobble

You and a friend take control of Bub and Bob, two bubble blowin' dragons headed on a fantastic voyage to save their sweethearts, held captive by Baron von Blubba.

The Flintstones

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy is a first-rate platformer with a bright, colorful look that successfuly mimics the cartoon series.
Sega Genesis Sega Master System


The resident Sorcerer, Vookimedlo, snatches your girlfriend, Miho, and immediately changes you into, that’s right a banana burner.

New Zealand Story

The player controls a sneaker-wearing kiwi called Tiki, and the aim of the game is to rescue several of his kiwi chick friends who have been kiwi-napped by a leopard seal.
Sega Genesis NES Sega Master System

Chase HQ 2

Chase H.Q. II is a Racing game, developed by ITL and published by Taito Corporation, which was released in 1992.
Sega Genesis

Bubble Bobble Part 2

You remember Bubble Bobble. In each of the game's one-screen stages, you trap and destroy all of the little critters hopping around.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade game has 5 levels, each of them are rather large, and are all taken from locations of the movie.
Sega Genesis NES

The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy

Turn your watch back a few million years and join the whole Flintstone family in prehistoric pandemonium.


The objective of the game is to clear all the bubbles from the arena without dying. Bubbles will fire automatically if the player remains idle. After clearing the arena, the next round begins with a new pattern of bubbles to clear.

Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition

Bust-A-Move 2 is the lightning-quick, ultra-intense, 100% addictive, arcade puzzler that's gonna grab you and never let go! As the balls descend, you're gonna need sharp eyes and quick reflexes to match 3 or more balls and pop them... fast! Insane ..
Nintendo 64

Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2

The player must therefore get to the top of each level, by jumping on platforms and making use of the game's most distinctive feature: the ability to produce solid rainbows, which are used both as platforms to stand on, and as a weapon.
Sega Genesis

Super Bubble Bobble

Super Bubble Bobble is an Action game, developed by Audiogenic Ltd. and published by SunSoft, which was released in 1994.
Sega Genesis

Bust-A-Move 4

Can't get enough of that pudgy green dinosaur with a penchant for busting balls?



Arkanoid Returns

It's been over 10 years since U.S. gamers have gotten a new home version of Arkanoid, but in Japan the series has lived on, and the latest incarnation, Arkanoid Returns, is now available for the PlayStation in Japan.

Hit The Ice

This radical hockey game pits you and your team against some of the toughest skaters ever to burn a hole in the ice! Victory goes to the team that kicks, punches, and high-sticks its opponent into slush. Standard hockey rules apply, plus a few surp..
Sega Genesis SNES

G Darius

G-Darius is a graphical wonder, containing some of the best twitch shooting to come our way in a while. Hopefully a wise U.S. publisher will hop on this one ASAP.

Insector X

Drab graphics, bland music, frustratingly hard levels (and only five of them!), disgustingly easy bosses.
Sega Genesis

Time Gal

Keep the roads safe from the forces of evil with this new CD driving game!

Bust-A-Move '99

Think you've busted with the best? Not until you've faced Bust-A-Move '99! With intense 4-player competition, all new graphics, and create-a-level mode, you've never busted bubbles like these! And with eight new mysterious characters to save, you'l..
Nintendo 64

Psychic Force 2012

Like the first Psychic Force on the PlayStation a couple years back, this is one fighting game you'll either love or hate.

Ultimate Qix

Ultimate Qix plays much like the arcade Qix. You slowly box in an entity that is large and strong
Sega Genesis

Super Soccer Champ

Another soccer game

Parasol Stars

The third installment in the Bubble Bobble trilogy will soon be coming to the Turbo from a new company -Working Design.

Sonic Blastman 2

The Super NES sequel, entitled Sonic Blastman II, plays similarly to its predecessor, as well, and adds more options, such as new playable characters, two-player modes, among others.

Sky Shark

The arcade hit Sky Shark is coming to NES.

Final Blow

You're a contendah! James "Buster" Douglas Boxing throws you into the ring with the meanest power-punchers around. Pummel your way to the title in a game designed with all the toughness of James "Buster" Douglas, the Columbus, Ohio boxer who beat M..
Sega Genesis


Scrolling shooters are pretty hard to come by on the PlayStation, so fans of the genre tend to snap up whatever they can no matter the quality.

James Buster Douglas Knock Out Boxing

You're a contendah! James "Buster" Douglas Boxing throws you into the ring with the meanest power-punchers around. Pummel your way to the title in a game designed with all the toughness of James "Buster" Douglas, the Columbus, Ohio boxer who beat M..
Sega Genesis

Arkanoid: Doh it Again

Your goal is to destroy the blocks in order to reach the planets in hopes of seeking out one that is suitable for a colony.


Grab your trusty battle axe and head into battle!
Sega Master System

Super Chase HQ

In the game the player assumes the role of a police officer named Tony Gibson in a black Porsche 928 chasing after a fleeing criminal. Along with his partner, Raymond Broady, they are members of the Chase Special Investigation Department, who must ..


A mysterious poaching and smuggling syndicate, operating under the cover name Rendow Animal Protection Organization (RAPO), has been stripping the world of its endangered animals. No one knows who Rendow is or the real motives behind his organizati..
Sega Genesis

Sonic Blastman

The game consists of hitting the enemies and targets, in order to win, each target has a set a number of tons (t) of resistance. Once they are depleted, they will be defeated.

Darius 2

You shoot everything that moves and get to pick up different pick-up items to increase your fire-power and enable yourself a shield.
Sega Genesis

Rastan Saga 2

Rastan Saga 2 is the sequel to Rastan, containing the same hack-em'/slash-'em gameplay as the original.
Sega Genesis

Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy is a first-rate platformer with a bright, colorful look that successfuly mimics the cartoon series.

Space Invaders 91

Space Invaders '91 is a Shoot-'Em-Up game, developed and published by Taito Corporation, which was released in 1991.
Sega Genesis

Wrath of the Black Manta

The main game character is a ninja called Black Manta, who has to save children from kidnappers.

Saint Sword

The evil being Gorgan has set his minions out to wreak havoc upon humanity. Humanity has joined with the Titans to help bring down Gorgan.
Sega Genesis

Darius Twin

Join Proco and Tiat in Darius Twin as they fight to protect planet Orga from Belser in this planetary scrolling horizontal shooter game.

Super Nova

The Darius series is a series of horizontally-scrolling arcade shooter video games, released by Taito. When it started, its primary difference from other top first-generation scrolling shooters, such as R-Type and Gradius, was the ability to select..


Growl is a one-player game, in which you control one of four characters and must defeat these evil poachers by dealing with them with your fists.
Sega Genesis

Thunder Fox

In 19xx, the world is overtaken by a storm of terrorism, and the evil power of invasion extends over the land, sky, and sea. However, there are brave men fighting against it for putting down a storm.
Sega Genesis

Jetsons: The Invasion of the Planet Pirates

Platformer action game based on TV series of Jetsons.

Night Striker

The 3-D arcade shooting game from Taito is coming to the PSX!

Master of Weapon

It is a basic shoot 'em up game in which the player controls a space ship that has upgradeable weapons.
Sega Genesis


Darius was once a planet that boasted a highly advanced civilization, but fell into ruin after succumbing to the relentless assaults of Belser and his mysterious space aliens. Proco and Tiat, two survivors of Belser's evil quest, escaped and fled t..
Sega Genesis Sega Master System