a game by Taito, and Grandslam Entertainment
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis Sega Master SystemSega Master System
Genres: Action, Platformer
Rating: 6/10
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"Flintstones, meet The Flintstones. They're a modern stone-age family." America's favorite caveman and videogames seem like a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it's safe to say that you're not gonna have a "gay old time" in this prehistoric extravaganza.

Bedrock Bedlam

Fred Flintstone's the star in this one-player, multi-scrolling, six-stage action/adventure game. Each stage begins with a cartoon segment (vintage Flintstones' style); where one of the other famous Flintstones characters needs Fred's help to locate a missing item.

When the action begins, Fred searches for the missing items in different landscapes: Wilma's necklace is lost in the streets of a Bedrock look-alike town, and Fred puts his feet to the floor in a car chase across the desert to catch a runaway Pebbles.

Although each stage features classic Flintstones stuff, the backgrounds are minimally animated, and the stage graphics are merely average. Fortunately, Fred is true to form with several amusing animations and expressions.

The game's tunes are variations of the cartoon's theme song. They're nothing special, but Flintstones fans will enjoy reminiscing to the beat.


  • When you reach the area of Stage 5 where Fred has to leap on bubbles to cross the lava, don't jump onto the first bubble.
  • When you climb aboard the train in Stage 4, stay as far to the right as possible. If you don't, Fred will get left behind when the train breaks in two.

The Yawn of Civilization

The Flintstones' gameplay is rather primitive by current Genesis standards. Fred swings a club to bonk unsuspecting prehistoric creatures. He runs, jumps, and swims from one end of each stage to the other.

In Stage 2, the lights go out on Fred when he meets up with the jellyfish. To turn the lights on again, Fred has to club the fish while they're not giving off their electric stings.

Power-ups include Stars (50 stars equal a 1-up), Wilmas (temporary invinciblity), Freds (1-ups), Hearts (Extra Life), Apples (Extra Health), and various point items (50,000 points equal a 1-up). If Fred finds his space friend, Kazoo, he goes to a Bonus Round. Nothing special here -- Fred just runs around trying to catch items that drop from the sky.

Leap into the second ditch after the first two flying bird platforms in Stage 1. Vault off the trampoline to leap up and to the right to meet Kazoo, and then enter the bonus round.

The controls are easy enough for even neanderthals to learn, except for the very annoying climbing interface. With the climbing interface, you have to push the jump button and simultaneously push Up to climb to higher surfaces. While this is simple to figure out, it's frustrating and unreliable at crucial moments. Even more annoying, watch out for slowdown (big time!) in areas of the game where many sprites appear on screen at once.


Fred Flintstone is an average cave guy who's got himself an average video game. Despite its prehistoric qualities, though, The Flintstones is fun to play. There's enough memorabilia, several secret items, and just enough action to ensure that the game deserves at least one play through. An adjustable challenge setting lets even Cro-Magnon gamers have some fun. Yaba-daba-do, or don't, as the case may be.

Game Reviews

The Flintstones is an action-adventure game set back in prehistoric times. Cliff Vanderclave is trying to lake over Mr. Slate's stone quarry. It is up to you to stop him. plus rescue your friend Barney, Bam-Bam, Pebbles and your wife Wilma. You have five levels where you have to jump, climb and tight your way to your friends and family. The music, except the title music, doesn't sound like it belongs with the game. The sound effects are okay. Fred is easy to control, yet I found that having to jump, hold up and hold the jump button to climb cliffs is too complicated, and I only figured out how to do this after I saw the instruction manual.

  • THEME - Action
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS - 1 or 2
reggie posted a review
  • Taito / Genesis

If you think The Flintstones have taken a vacation from entertaining people, you are wrong! Taito has them starring in their own prehistoric adventure. You control Fred as he maneuvers his way through the bedlam in Bedrock, nearby caves and tar pits. Fred can collect 1-Ups, clubs and good advice from your old pals in Bedrock. Yabba Dabba Doo!

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Ocean
  • Machine: Super NES

Here's yet another attempt by corporate America to leech the last dollars out of all of us by publishing a substandard game that's based on a big summer movie! Let's put it this way - Yabba Dabba Don't bother with this piece of crap!

reggie posted a review
  • Manufacturer: Ocean of America
  • Genre: action/adventure
  • Players: 1 or 2
  • Levels: 5 plus sub-level
  • Difficulty: medium to hard

Someone has kidnapped Pebbles and Bam Bam, and their only hope is for Fred to save the day! Fred collects as many gems and stones as possible in order to raise the ransom and rescue Pebbles and Bam Bam from the cracked kidnapper, Cliff. Sounds easy, eh? Think again, my Cro-Magnon friend!

Poor old Fred is up to his prehistoric neck in Bedrock bedlam in this ridiculous game, based on the blockbuster movie of last summer. However, the only thing the two have in common is that neither one of them is very entertaining.

Fred's weapon of choice is a neolithic bowling ball to bowl down gnarly cave dudes, stone age toads and baby Dodo birds. Not your style? Well then, use volcanic lava rocks to throw at anything that moves. Or, as a last resort, break out with a fossilized club to bludgeon all the wretched nasties.

Unfortunately, this game seems to be no more than just a small part of a movie merchandising blitz. It's really too bad because the game looks and plays very well, but in their efforts to make this game challenging, they totally forgot to make it fun. There is absolutely no incentive for you to keep playing. It's so boring and repetitive, it had me saying, "Yabba Dabba Don't!"

  • Graphics: 8
  • Music & Sound: 6
  • Innovation: 5
  • Gameplay: 7
  • Replay Value: 4
  • Overall: 53%
reggie posted a review

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