The Ninja Warriors

a game by Taito
Genre: Action
Platforms: SNESSNES Sega CD
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 6 reviews
User Rating: 6.5/10 - 4 votes
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In the black-and- blue tradition of side-scrolling gang-beaters like Final Fight and Double Dragon, The Ninja Warriors struts out of the arcades and into the SNES. This bruising beat-em-up has plenty of style and enough substance, but it drops its guard slightly in the challenge department.

Ninja Robotics

A mean little tyrant named Banglar has a once-great nation in his grip, but a determined band of underground freedom fighters is battling desperately to free their homeland. The aces up their sleeves are three untested androids, which have been programmed with the skills of ancient ninja warriors.


  • Robots are susceptible only to rear attacks.
  • When the rockets begin falling in Stage 1, watch for their shadows on the ground and move! The right edge of the screen is generally safe.

As you might surmise, the battlin' 'bots are the stars of the Ninja Warriors show. As with most Final Fight-style games, these hard-wired heroes come in three predictable sizes -- large, medium, and small. Ninja's big and slow, but he packs a powerful punch and nasty nunchakus. Kunoichi's a fast, fierce female with two hand-held daggers. Kumaitachi's all blades and business.

Cut and Waste

The Ninja Warriors borrows a little from fighting games by offering multiple controllable techniques and some defensive strategy. Each robowarrior has an imaginative assortment of 11 individual moves, and all three 'bots share a crouching block that you can turn into a too-cool escape jump. This block-and-flip counter helps set Warriors apart from one-dimensional, offense-only beat-em-ups.

  • The long blade of Stage 2's Chainsaw Boss makes it hard to get close for an attack. Be prepared to leap over his charge, but jump onto him when he dips his blade. Throw henchmen into him from long range.
  • Containers, Gas Tanks, and Computers sometimes hide Energy Pods.
  • The yellow crate in the beginning of the Final Stage (just before you meet Banglar) contains a power-up that maxes your energy meter.

The moves require concentrated practice, but the controls handle all the moves, save one, with ease. The problematic move is called the Quick Cut, which is a great-looking, powerful "cut" but it isn't very quick. To pull it off you must press Y and Up simultaneously like a maniac, while the on-screen maniacs manhandle you.

Use your Warrior's formidable long-range Finishing Attack to cream crowds. It's especially effective if you attack from a crouch.

Warrior Worriers

Warriors whips up a wicked workout, but the long-term challenge is strictly intermediate. The regular rats are an okay mix of the usual suspects -- knife-wielding troops and eye-patched punchers -- and a few unusual characters (monkey-men with metal claws and fire-breathers). The bosses are the best of the bad bunch, especially the impossibly tough bruiser twins and the crafty, invisible boss.

Banglar's gang fights dirty, and the final stage will put you in a murderous mood. However, fighting fanatics should blow this sucker out in a couple of full days... or take a refresher course at the Double Dragon Dojo. Unlimited continues give you more than a fighting chance.

  • The Stage 1 Boss 'hot is susceptible to a high-low attack. Jump in to make him block high, then hold down Down and press Y repeatedly to tag him until he recovers.
  • You can throw goons into other goons to hurt them, or you can be thrown, which damages them, too.
  • Kumaitachi's the best all around 'bot.

Looks Sharp

If the challenge leaves you cool, the graphics and sound help this game earn a spot in your collection. The character sprites have style, and they look ultraclean. The animation is smooooooth!

As with most beat-em-ups, the combatants approach each other on a direct line, but at least they don't display the moony Moonwalk characteristic of most games in this league. Veteran creep- carvers will dig Kumaitachi's awesome-looking spinning scythe attack! The sounds play hard and work hard with plenty of grunts, groans, and body shots.

  • A good escape/attack tactic is to jump over a guard and attack from the rear before he turns around. As you jump, hold down the directional control in the direction your victim is facing. For example, if you jump over someone standing to the right, hold down Left as you're in the air.
  • Most bad guys are vulnerable below the belt.
  • Kumaitachi's Tornado Finish spinning blade attack (which fires up when he hits someone four times from a standing position) also nails enemies behind him.
  • When a boss goes down, all his bodyguards go down with him.

Ninjitsu for a New Age

Ninja Warriors is great, but it falls one difficulty level short of GREAT! It takes a lickin' and keeps on kickin' — booty! Not bad for a bunch of 'bots.

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Game Reviews

You might recall this one being in the arcades a long time ago-and you're right! Ninja warriors is about to make its debut on the Sega CD! The president has been deposed! Now, a militaristic organization that controls all forms of underground scum is in control. So now, the resistance movement is trying many options, and their best one is to send two android ninjas into the heart of the main base and take out the criminal movement for the good of all!

Even though the arcade was viewed on either a two or three screen view, the CD version is set in a wide-screen format so that the action is not hindered. You can change between the arranged and the arcade music, depending on your preferences. As you would be expecting, there are digitized scenes with live actor voices that will detail the plot out. All fans f of the arcade rejoice!

Straight out of ancient Japan, ninjas return as bio-mechanic cyborgs in the modern day to take on an evil organization bent on world domination. They must use strength and skill to survive the many rigors. As the sequel to the arcade hit, this new version gives you the choice of three ninjas, a hooded semi-cybernetic guy, a blonde-haired Kunoichi woman and an almost fully mechanized being. This cart contains some of the best graphics around. The challenge of all the levels and nasty enemies make this game much better than the arcade original. With lots of moves, and big characters, this wicked game is a real treat.

  • Manufacturer: Taito
  • # of players: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Available: March 1994
  • No. of Levels: 8
  • Theme: Action

Taito has quite possibly produced the most exciting, intense and lethal action game for the Super NES. Weighing in at a hefty 12 Megs, this eight stage adventure lets you choose from one of three cybernetic attack robots, who have been programmed to defeat Banglar and his massive military machine. Each one features a unique set of four fighting and finishing moves! You'll need all their speed and power to counter the wide array of defenses that protect Banglar from the oppressed masses. Prepare for an adventure with fantastic animation, detailed backgrounds, impressive music and solid sound effects.

Another arcade translation is coming to the Mega CD! The Ninja Warriors puts you in control of robotic ninjas as they battle hordes of enemy military forces! Although using three screens isn't possible, the game will be done in a wide-screen style to mimic the arcade!

Having the same musical tracks and voice, this Mega CD version is an absolute perfect translation. Recommended!

The Ninja Warriors was a side-scrolling arcade game about ninjas. The game was created by Taito and released in 1988 and has 3 contiguous screens (one screen in the usual place for an arcade game, and two more screens in the cabinet below, reflected by mirrors on either side of the middle screen) which created the effect of a single, "triple-wide" screen, depicting ninjas.

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