Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back

Download Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back and reshape history in this immersive strategy game! Command your nation, deploy your military, and navigate the complexities of World War II. Are you ready to lead your country to victory? Play now!
a game by Paradox Development Studio
Platform: PC
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User Rating: 6.7/10 - 33 votes
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Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back
Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back
Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back

Hearts Of Iron IV: No Step Back is a strategy war game that is perfect for players who enjoy using games that require thoughtful actions, and extreme patience. If you’re a fan of war games, this one mainly revolves around World War II. You get to choose to play as a nation in 1936 and 1939 as the start date, and you can play either the single-player or multiplayer mode. So you will need to strategize to make sure that your nation can grow strong, by training and expanding your military, while also negotiating and dealing with other nations. You have the freedom to try and find peaceful ways to avoid war, or you can be forceful and make things go your way.

It Is War

In Hearts Of Iron IV: No Step Back, you will need to focus on not only gathering resources, and investing in your army, but also in building relationships with other nations. That means that you can create a non-aggression pact with other nations, offer and request military access, amongst other options.

However, not every nation might accept these offers, as all of them can have a different type of ideology, they can be democratic, fascist, communist, or non-aligned. And each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, so be wary of that. Some of these nations might try and resolve things peacefully, while others will use force to get what they want.

This game has similar mechanics to titles like Age of Empires, then you will love In Hearts Of Iron: No Step Back. This game has a concept called world tension, and it is what makes the game unique. World tension is an abstract representation of how close the world is to war, on a scale from 0 to 100. More aggressive actions will increase tension, while peaceful actions will decrease it. Certain actions need a certain amount of tension to be performed, such as choosing to go to war against another nation.

Hearts Of Iron IV also has some scripted events that will only happen if certain circumstances are met. Every nation has something called a focus tree, that is part of the national focus. And some events will only happen if the specific focus related to them is complete. Some other focuses also grant bonuses, for example, extra factories.


Hearts Of Iron IV was released back in 2016, but it still received frequent expansion packs, adding even more content to the game. And the game is also more open to mods since the developers knew that 64% of players used mods in the previous title.


The game is currently available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. So put your military knowledge to use, and see if you can manage your nation during a period of war. The developers are planning to release even more updates to the game, so if you buy it, there will be plenty of content for you.


  • Naval Combat
  • New equipment


  • Weak AI
  • Naval combat is unbalanced

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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