a game by Five Miles Out
Genre: Action
Platform: 3DO
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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As a mercenary far in the future, you do your fighting in a virtual world. To survive, you must develop the ability to adapt quickly to whatever region you land in. Your mission is to shut down the SysOp that controls the battle fields.

The seek-and-destroy gameplay pits you against 16 types of enemies and 11 bosses. You must select the correct combinations of weapons and power-ups to survive. Full-motion intros and segues contrast sharply with the first-person graphics of the action sequences.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Immercenary molds an engaging cyberspace story of suspense and intrigue into an excellent 3DO adventure. People "jumping" into a virtual-reality world called Perfect are dying. Four agents have lost their lives while trying to discover the reason. Now it's your turn, Number Five....


Immercenary is a Doom-style jaunt into the VR world of Perfect and its center, the Carden. Beginning with little power and the lowest rank, you start your battle against Perfect's inhabitants (called Rithms) with a laser. As you progress, you discover "ammo algorithms" - more powerful weapons for more powerful foes.

As your rank improves, you build DOA levels, which determine your strength in three areas key to your survival: defense, offense, and agility. The DOA adds a strategic dimension that raises the game's FunFactor.

Controlling Number Five is simple, though the manual makes it look complex. Clean menus put every command within a couple of button presses. The worst part is the delay after you change weapons, but that is the lone flaw in the seamless controls.

VR After You

The Carden's graphics offer a crisp first-person perspective. As the title implies, you really become immersed in the imaginative world. The cut scenes' full-motion video is some of the cleanest you'll see, though the editing is choppy.

The audio is a great mix of soothing New Age music and startling stereo battle sounds. Audio cues are crucial to your survival, so it's good that the background sounds aren't distracting.


Immercenary is a strange mix, but it's a heck of a lot of fun. To twist a phrase, it's a hip-hop action/adventure that's light on the RPG tip.

You get a good dose of combat, a compelling sci-fi story that's revealed gradually, and a slick first-person approach. You can't run-n-gun without thinking ahead because you have to consider your fragile DOA levels.

It's not the longest or most difficult game you'll play. But when a game goes for something new, rather than rehashing old themes, it's worth noticing. Immercenary is a virtual breath of fresh air.


  • Don't take on a stronger enemy unless you have adequate ammo algorithms and high DOA levels.
  • Listen to the scientists between levels for helpful information.
  • In DOAsys, talk to the Rithms to get Information.
  • Save frequently, especially after a good jump.
  • Find a spire in a secluded place to recharge safely.
  • Grab all the ammo you can, but use it only when you have enough DOA units for it

Perfect is a virtual-reality world of the future that has gone very wrong. The inhabitants are trapped inside and forced to fight each other to the death. A plea for help is sent by one of the people in Perfect, and now you, a mercenary, will have to try to save them all. Four have gone before you and failed. As you make your first jump into the future and your first virtual world, remember that things are different here and also that there are many enemies, so just keep moving. At first your power levels are low, but as you gain experience, they will increase. Your goal is to reach the status of Number Two in order to fight the Perfect One.

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