Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition

Play Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition for fast, crazy, and over the top vehicular combat action. With many iconic characters, tons of epic weapons, and a whole lot of carnage, this game is awesome!
a game by Eat Sleep Play, and Incognito Entertainment
Platform: Playstation 2 (2005)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.5/10 - 4 votes
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Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition
Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition
Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition
Twisted Metal Head On Extra Twisted Edition

A relic of an exciting time in video game history where arcade style demolition derby driving could meet Death Race and be featured by a nightmare-inducing clown, Twisted Metal Head-On Extra Twisted Edition, is a bombastic entry in the beloved cult-classic series. Now, in the time of arcade driving games like Rocket League or Wreckfest, there’s a severe shortage of totally out-there prospects—and, to be honest, machine-gun toting vehicles driven by zany characters destroying national monuments and each other in an all-out war for Calypso’s one wish really scratches a specific itch.

Destroy or Be Destroyed

Twisted Metal Head-On Extra Twisted Edition (other than being a mouthful), is a ported PSP game that moved over to the PS2 with enhanced visuals and a load of extra content. It follows the same story of the original version as a slew of interesting drivers, all with their own specialized-for-destruction vehicles, are sent on multiple tirades in multiple battle arenas after Calypso invites them to a winner-take-all tournament.

The winner, after destroying the competition (literally), gets their greatest wish granted—but it’s never that easy when it comes to Calypso as his wish-granting usually comes with some unintended consequences. Story aside, Twisted Metal brings all the action the series is known for as levels are explosive, destructible, adaptable, and full of high-octane fun.

Load Up on Content

The PSP version of the game was well-loved and contained with it a ton of features and modes the series was known for. Most all of that content is available on this Extra Twisted Edition with the nicely added documentary on the creation of the game, and levels from the unreleased sequel of the game—Twisted Metal: Black 2. These added levels, headlined most notably by the Carnival of Darkness, which has players driving up down and all around on roller-coasters as they work to dismantle their opponents—are an amazing addition to the game. However, one notable drawback of the port is limited online play modes that the PSP originally offered.

Keep it Simple—Blow Things Up

The premise of Twisted Metal is where it shines the most—it’s an arena battle where cars with guns work to destroy the rest. It is equal parts a Battle Royale before it’s time, and traditional team deathmatch—as many follow-up games inspired by the series have taken note. Most notably, Metal Madness, which harkens the same vibe and embellishes itself as a fully-fledged Battle Royale. That being said, this port of the game does have its limitations.

As it was designed originally on a less powerful portable system, it never fully gains traction graphically to put in on par with similar releases. It has limited geometry, things look blocky, the explosions don’t carry the same weight, and the environments seem stilted even with the increased draw distance. When it comes down to it, the best place to experience this game is on a smaller screen where the pixels don’t feel so spread out.


However, even with the graphical gripes, the game is non-stop fun and really does scratch an itch you didn’t even know you had.


  • Great set of content for long campaign and coop
  • Fun driving, exciting combat
  • New levels are some of the best


  • Port from less powerful system doesn’t look great
  • Matches can get repetitive
  • Limited online functionality compared to original release

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Playstation 2

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