Requiem: Avenging Angel

a game by 3DO
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Angels aren't always gentle, a fact you'll learn in 3DO's upcoming Requiem: Avenging Angel. You play as Malachi, an angel of the Chosen, whose mission is to wipe out the angels of the Fallen. This first-person blastfest moves from Earth to outer space and descends, eventually, to the depths of Chaos, as you do extreme battle with the minions of Hell.

Developing a host of angelic powers along the way, you'll mix up weapons such as locust plagues and boiling-blood spells; alternately blinding your enemies with holy light; using the ultimate weapon, Banishment; or frying demons with lightning strikes. You'll gather clues by interacting with other characters, and, because they're not all hostile, you'll have to decide carefully when you should be.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

  • Hudson Soft for Super NES

Great backgrounds, easy and accurate controls, and plenty of fast and furious gameplay should guarantee a place in any gamer's library for this intense Ninja action game. The only bad parts are the repetitive levels. Oh well, give it a shot.


When God created the Earth and mankind he made a fatal mistake. He failed to realize that man is a corrupt and greedy breed and should never be left unattended.

Over the years some of the Lord’s dissatisfied Angels have watched mankind from a distance and have split themselves into separate factions in Heaven. While some of them would look to the wisdom of the Lord for guidance, others would do what they believe to be the right thing. Without the Lord’s consent, certain Angels have taken it upon themselves to bring about the end of human life. In the process of executing this goal they have become dark, sadistic, and power-mad. They have become known as "the Fallen."

Midway through the 21st century Humankind stands poised on the brink of intergalactic exploration and travel. An interstellar ship, the Leviathan, is almost complete. After its launch, humanity will be able to explore the stars and the heavens. The Fallen cannot let this happen. They will stop at nothing to rid the world of man.

As Malachi, one of the Lord’s chosen, it is your job to make sure that the Fallen do not succeed in the destruction of the world. If you fail, it will mean Armageddon.

Gameplay, Controls, Interface

Requiem is your classic first-person shooter. The action can be fast and furious at times and then lull you into a false sense of security the next second. Just when you think you have killed everyone in a building people will start to come out of the woodwork. I am not sure where some of these people came from sometimes, but I sure know they would send a heck of a lot of them. I found that one of the Fallen, Lilith, was extremely difficult to beat. I must have pounded her for at least ten minutes, only to have her turn her little doglike creatures on me. After that, she let loose a couple of Zaebos also (Zaebos are creatures with very large claws for hands). I think that it was a little bit of overkill with her. The other big enemies were fairly easy to knock off after you figured out what special power to use.

Oh, I forgot to mention your powers. When you came down from Heaven you lost some of the powers that Angels have. Over time you will gain them back. Some of the powers that you will have are Flight, Warp time, Brimstone, Bloodboil, and there are few others that you can use. I really didn’t have to use them very often because you have a wide range of weaponry at your disposal as well. You have everything from your typical little handgun all the way up to the "Revelations" railgun.


I was lucky enough to find a couple of people on the Internet who wanted to play the game the other night. While the single-player aspect of Requiem was finely tuned, the multiplayer portion could still use a little bit of spit and polish. With only three of us playing, the lag was pretty bad and the maps were not that challenging. I believe 3DO is working on a patch to solve some of the multiplayer issues and it should be out soon.


The graphics for Requiem are just plain awe-inspiring. I could not believe how beautiful they were. I had to play a few levels two or three times just so I could stop and check out my surroundings. The buildings were drawn as realistically as I‘ve ever seen, and the enemies were very lifelike. I really like it when I can go up to a friend or foe and be able to see his teeth or eyes. Now that is detail. I think every game that comes out in the future should be able to do that.

I only found a couple of glitches in the game as far as graphics go. There is an annoying little problem with the shadows. They seem to hover over the person or do something I like to call the "Peter Pan Syndrome," where they have a mind of their own and detach themselves from their respective hosts. Aside from that, and the fact that when you are running up the stairs it feels like you are about six inches tall, the graphics were great.


While I found the audio for the game quite nice, my wife was irritated with some of the "death" sounds. Sometimes when you shot someone they would lay on the ground and make this awful screaming noise. It reminded her of a cat in heat.

It was nice to see people’s mouths move when they talked, but maybe next time 3DO could figure out how to get the mouths to go with the words. It was like watching an old Japanese movie.

The music really put you in the mood for the game. It was really creepy and intense.

System Requirements

Windows 95 or higher Pentium 166 (P200 recommended), 32 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive, 116 MB hard drive space, 2 MB SVGA video card (3Dfx or any Direct3D compatible recommended), keyboard and mouse


Requiem has the best documentation I have seen in a game in a long time. It gives you a little bit of storyline and a great book on the different weapons and powers you will use. It gives a background for your enemies and, of course, it gives you tips as to how to set up and run the game.

Bottom Line

Within the first five minutes of playing this game I knew I was in for some long nights and unproductive days at work. Requiem has to be one of the better first-person shooters that I have played. The graphics "wowed" me and the storyline was simply engrossing. I actually wanted to finish the game so I could see the ending (not many games make me feel that way). The only reasons that I can give for not giving it a better score were the glitches with the graphics and poor multiplayer play. I was not impressed with the ending and I think the game was far too short. I was left sitting in my chair in disbelief that it had ended. Maybe if I pray tonight the Fallen will send some more minions down to try again ... or maybe I'd better pray for world peace instead. We’ll see how I feel when I go to bed.