Ironsmith Medieval Simulator

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a game by The EpicLore
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Ironsmith Medieval Simulator
Ironsmith Medieval Simulator
Ironsmith Medieval Simulator
Ironsmith Medieval Simulator

Step into a world forged by fire and become the ultimate blacksmith in Ironsmith Medieval Simulator. Carefully crafted to be as realistic as possible, this game is just what every metalworking enthusiast has been waiting for, delivering an impressive true-to-life experience that’s never been matched before.

Though the slow and methodical approach of Ironsmith Medieval Simulator might not be to everyone’s liking, there’s no denying the merits of a game that takes its subject as seriously as this one does. This is one of the most realistic blacksmithing simulations we’ve seen in a video game yet, and that’s why it might be one of the most complicated games to recommend to a wider audience.

Ironworks Redefined

The goal of Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is quite simple: as the town’s blacksmith, your job will be to provide the townsfolk with the highest quality tools and weaponry you can craft. As is to be expected, your character begins their journey as an inexperienced apprentice, gaining new skills and refining their trade as you go.

Much like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the game aims to bring a historically-accurate version of a medieval town to life. This means that every NPC has a trade and a story to discover, and their tales will unfold as you make progress through the games’ many quests.

There’s a lot of freedom in how you can approach the quests in Ironsmith Medieval Simulator. You can either take things seriously and role-play as a real blacksmith or take a more relaxed approach and see where your carefreeness takes you. This gives the game a feeling of customization and freedom that, at the very least, can distract you from the overall dryness of its simulation aspects.

Visuals and Gameplay

When it comes to how Ironsmith Medieval Simulator plays, well, it is what it says on the box. Much like PC Building Simulator, the player is given a selection of parts and tools to work on their smithy, and a list of demands appears on the right side of the screen telling you what the customer needs.

It might seem like that gameplay loop would make for an uninteresting game — and in some regards, it might be — but die-hard blacksmithing enthusiasts might find that this game is the closest they’ve had to a full game based on their favorite hobby.

One of the areas where Ironsmith Medieval Simulator definitely falls short is in the graphics department. Is not that the game looks terrible — the issue here is that most of the characters and locations of the game look terribly bland. For a game set on an RPG medieval town, there’s a worrying lack of variety in the game’s visuals that just makes it feel like the game isn’t trying hard enough.

Overall, Ironsmith Medieval Simulator could be considered a somewhat niche game, that’s for sure — but this is a niche title that knows its target audience perfectly well, and knows what to deliver to please even the most demanding blacksmithing enthusiast.


Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is geared towards a very small audience, but it manages to please with its painstakingly realistic simulation and entertaining quests.


  • Impressively realistic blacksmithing simulation
  • Tons of quests and orders to undertake
  • Entertaining minigames


  • Visuals lack some polish
  • Lackluster animations take away from the overall experience

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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