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a game by Cuddle Monster Games
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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When I heard that LONE RUIN was a magic based twin stick rogue like shooter, that was all I needed to hear to get very excited. I am a big fan of games like these and I know that we are getting dangerously close to this becoming a genre that is getting a little crowded. However, I feel that what the developer is doing here is really cool and it more than makes this a game that offers a little bit of a unique twist on this genre.

A Magical City In Ruins

While I do not think that LONE RUIN is going to be a massively story driven game, I do like what I have experienced so far. The game takes place in the ruins of a once thriving magical city. In this city, people lived and learned magic and things were good. However, eventually, the very magic they grew to love started to corrupt and change them, and for eons, the city has laid in ruins with monsters all over the place. We play as an adventurer that goes into these ruins to not just find the magical power within, but to cleanse the city too.

It Is Dangerous To Go Alone!

I love the little Zelda reference that LONE RUIN gives you, I got such a huge kick out of that! This is a twin stick style rogue like shooter so that lets you know right away what you are in for. You get to select different types of magic and each one has its own attack and the trick is to link various magical abilities together so that you can unleash huge combos and take out more enemies. It is very addictive and the twin stick shooter gameplay is great thanks to the tight and responsive controls, if you die in this game, it is always because of something that you did!

How Many Spells To Get To The Center?

If you get that reference you are awesome and also have a bit of a filthy mind too! Anyway, LONE RUIN has you embarking on many different runs as you try to get to the middle of this magical city. You will have to defeat a ton of enemies and bosses as you progress. The game's style makes it very addictive and while it is challenging, as I touched on before, it never feels like it is unfair. As well as the standard mode where you are trying to complete the mode, there is a very, perhaps even more addictive survival mode where you have to see how many waves of enemies you can survive against!

That Purple Hue

I am really loving the whole art style of LONE RUIN. The game has this purple hue to it which is part of what I feel gives this a bit of uniqueness about it. While the game always has you moving at a quick pace, when you do take it all in, it is cool to see the detailed and funky designs that these twisted creatures have. I am a big fan of dark fantasy stuff and that is probably the best way I would describe the whole look and vibe of this game.


If you are someone that enjoys a good twin stick shooter, LONE RUIN is a game that you are going to have an immense amount of fun with. I love the whole thing this game has going on and those tight controls make the action feel fantastic. It is a very challenging game but that is something I like about it. While the challenge is high, you never feel like your death is cheap, if anything it makes you want to jump straight back in and see if you can get a little further next time.


  • The setting and premise of this game are very cool
  • There are many different spells you can use for attacks
  • I liked creating my own custom build to go through the game with
  • The controls are super tight and responsive


  • If you have never gotten into twin stick shooters, you may struggle with the difficulty
  • I love the premise, but wish the story was more fleshed out

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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