Oblivity – Find Your Perfect Sensitivity

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Platform: PC (2022)
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Oblivity – Find Your Perfect Sensitivity
Oblivity – Find Your Perfect Sensitivity
Oblivity – Find Your Perfect Sensitivity
Oblivity – Find Your Perfect Sensitivity

Oblivity – Find your perfect Sensitivity is a piece of software that is aiming to make you a better gamer! I was really curious about this as many of my friends will take pleasure in telling me that my accuracy is terrible, to be fair, it is! However, I do not think I have ever played around with the sensitivity of my mouse in any game that I play, but this made me actually want to dabble in that and see if it made a difference.

“You Just Use Rockets”

The main reason why I wanted to try out Oblivity – Find your perfect Sensitivity was that I have been kind of struggling to find my mojo with Overwatch 2 since it launched. I loved Overwatch, even though I was not great at it, but my buddies would say I only did as well as I did because I played as D.Va and she is not about accuracy. Well, D.Va is a character in Overwatch 2 that I struggled with and I could not tell you why, for someone like me, this software is exactly what I have been looking for to try and help me get better at a game I like.

No Quick Fixes

If you are coming into Oblivity – Find your perfect Sensitivity thinking that it is going to find your perfect sensitivity in something like Apex, COD, Battlefield, CS Go, or whatever right away, you will be disappointed. It can take hundreds of “tests” to try and find the one which suits your best! I have played over 300 tests with Overwatch 2 alone and I am now at a point where I can say, yes, the mouse sensitivity now is making a difference to the way I play.

You have to be really willing to roll up your sleeves with this thing. I will say that some of the “tests” it made me do seem pretty random like I was doing well with a relatively mid level sensitivity and then the next one ramped it up like crazy, I think it would be better (and probably quicker) if when it finds a sensitivity you are decent with, it hovers around there for a bit.

Practical And Fascinating

Does Oblivity – Find your perfect Sensitivity actually make you better at your chosen game? I would have to say that I think the chances of it doing so are very, very high. However, like I just said, it demands a great deal of time from the player. I just found this whole thing very interesting.

Not just because it helped me find my perfect sensitivity for Overwatch 2, but the level of data it gives you after each test is truly staggering, you can even watch a replay and it will show you where you struggled and give you a better idea of why. It is pretty interesting and I think that messing around with it like this and seeing what you do well and what you do not helps you as much as changing the sensitivity does.


I certainly do not think that Oblivity – Find your perfect Sensitivity is something everyone is going to find useful. I have even seen some people buy this and say it was a huge waste of their time and to be fair, I am sure for some folks it is. For me, I found this to be pretty useful, but then again, I put some serious time into it. As a bit of a stats nerd, I found the whole way it would record and analyze my sessions to be very interesting to look at too.


  • If you are willing to put in the time, this can help
  • I loved the detailed stats it would give you on your performance
  • I can first hand say that this legit helped me with Overwatch 2
  • The UI and the whole look of the software are nice


  • For certain people, this would be a waste of time and money
  • Sometimes the settings it has you testing out seem pointless

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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Oblivity - Find your perfect Sensitivity is a simulator for the shooter lover, where the player will train his shooting and cursor movement in virtual rooms specially designed for popular games.

Path to Greatness


  • The perfect tool for players who want to dominate at the amateur level as well as those who are chewing their way into cyber sports
  • Fine-tuning difficulty level and different patterns to practice
  • Professionals have long used Oblivity - Find your perfect Sensitivity

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