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a game by Game Source Studio
Platform: PC
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A clever combination between a collectible card game and a hex-based tabletop strategy game, Mahokenshi promises to bring the magic and action of feudal japan to the realm of deck-building titles.

The game’s deep world-building and carefully balanced factions all seem ready to deliver what could be the best big thing for TCG players around the globe. Although the game looks nothing like any card game released as of late, some of the core mechanics might be more than a bit familiar to seasoned veterans of tabletop gaming. Let’s take a look at what Mahokenshi will bring to the table once it releases.

A Fantasy World

Mahokenshi is set in a fantasy land called the Celestial Islands. Inspired by Japanese mythology, the Islands are a place where mythical creatures and powerful magical warriors clash.

At the beginning of the game, players will have to choose a samurai house to represent. There are four houses in total, each with its own combat style and fascinating background. The world of Mahokenshi is brimming with fascinating backstories and complex power dynamics, so players that are familiar with these types of lore-heavy strategy games, like Total War: WARHAMMER, will no doubt appreciate the developers’ commitment to the game’s setting.

The house you choose will also dictate which playstyle your character will follow. For example, Ayaka of the House of Ruby plays aggressively, but Kaito of the House of Sapphire favors defensive plays. This gives your choices an added weight, as you’ll have to commit to your house’s playstyle for the rest of the game.

2D And Hexes

As a deck-building game, Mahokenshi is played in both a 2D and a 3D perspective – and by 3D we don’t mean a pseudo 3D like in Hearthstone: Mahokenshi features a beautiful world of adventure that’s completely rendered in highly detailed visuals.

Just looking at the game’s board, you might notice some similarities between this game and Sid Meier's Civilization V: both games are played using hex-shaped tiles, allowing your character to interact with any adjacent hex.

During these tactics-based stages, players will have access to the decks they’ve built to aid them in battle. Not only will you use your character’s innate abilities for combat: each card comes with a specific skill that you can use to overcome your enemies. Mix and match cards to perform powerful combos, prepare counterattacks or even use your opponents’ strength against them.

Along the way, you’ll find some story sections that delve into the world of Mahokenshi. During these segments, players will have to make difficult choices that will bring them to different paths. Exploration is definitely a refined area of Mahokenshi’s gameplay loop, and it’s great to see that the developers seem invested in this game enough to expand on its fascinating world.

The art style is also pretty great. Characters and locations all look fantastic, not to mention the cards themselves. While the character’s models look adequate enough, the real star of the show is the lands of the Celestial Islands. Each map is beautifully rendered, inviting the player to explore every nook and cranny they can find.


Mahokenshi seems like the natural evolution of the deck-building game genre. Its blend of action and strategy is sure to please most players, while its beautiful visuals will no doubt invite new players to the fun.


  • Deep gameplay mechanics that are easy to learn and hard to master
  • Fantastic world that’s a blast to explore
  • Tons of cards to collect and stories to reveal


  • The art style can be a bit hit or miss

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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