Manor Lords

Download Manor Lords and rule over your own medieval kingdom! Build your settlement, manage resources, command armies, and expand your empire in this immersive strategy game. Claim your throne and play now!
a game by Slavic Magic
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 41 votes
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Manor Lords
Manor Lords
Manor Lords

Today we are taking a look at a game a friend put me onto and that is Manor Lords. This is a game that is being made by just one developer so that right there is pretty cool and impressive. Growing up in the UK, knights, castles and large battles in the woods and fields have always been something that has interested me and that is what we have on offer here in this very interesting looking strategy and city building game. The game is not finished as I write this, but I thought it would be fun to look at some of the features the game has to offer.

A Familiar Look

One of the smart decisions that the developer made about Manor Lords in my opinion was not to set the game in a specific place.

While you can certainly get little bits of England, Scotland, France, or whatever from the game. It is not actually based on one particular European area and that gave the developer a lot more freedom to play with the way that things looked and what was included in the game.

Building The Future

As someone who has loved city building games for years, the city building aspect of Manor Lords is something that I am very excited about. You have full freedom to build your city any way you want, but there are also tools to snap things into a place that make sense if you need a little bit of help. The growth of your town will greatly depend on the way that you as a player handle things. Starting from basic little huts to then building castles and having a road that offers trade and so on is something that is very appealing to me.


The battles in the game, even in the early state that I have seen look pretty awesome. I love how Manor Lords is aiming to give us these huge battles. There is a lot of strategy at play here, you cannot just send your men in… well you could, but I would wager things would not go well.

There are many things to think about, formations, the morae of your troops are they too tired and so on. There is way more depth here than you would think and trying to get your tactics right is going to be a bit of a trial-and-error kind of process, but that is something I have always found appealing with these types of games.


It is kind of blowing my mind that Manor Lords is being made by just one developer. The game looks like it is going to be a lot of fun for those that are into strategy and management-style games. The city building aspect of the game looks great and from what I understand there will be some accessibility options here for those that want an experience that is a bit easier.


  • I love the setting for this game
  • There are many different tactics you can employ for battles
  • The city building aspect looks fantastic
  • This is the kind of game that can take up a great deal of your time


  • No word on when the game will be fully finished
  • I do feel you have to be pretty big into strategy games to get the best out of this

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Slavic Magic's Manor Lords offers players an unprecedented level of challenge and fulfillment in building a thriving medieval civilization. Beginning as a solitary lord with little more than a marketplace and handful of faithful villagers, the journey to construct a prosperous city-state spanning centuries proves a richly rewarding endeavour.

Through tactful management of economic systems, diplomatic relations, and military affairs, one's humble origins can blossom into a formidable realm of historic magnificence.

Establishing Legacy Through Progressive Growth

The early game focuses players rightly on laying strong foundations. Assigning work plots and managing modest farming operations initializes self-sufficiency. Road networks and home zones emerge organically according to terrain, just as in authentic medieval settlements. Over decades, infrastructure expands logically in tiers supporting new industries.

Crafting progression feels purposeful; basic ore mining and woodcutting enabling increasingly advanced production. Specialized satellite villages arise to maximize fertile soils or resource yields. Interconnecting supply lines transport goods between locales, depicted by methodical convoys of carts and boats. These vivid implementations evoke a tangible sense of a living, breathing medieval world.

Manor Lords reflects nature's inevitable impact on rural life through multi-tiered seasonal systems. Come spring, freshly tilled fields await precious seeds as livestock delivers their first offspring. Come summer, pastures burst with foliage to sustain herds until harvests stockpile grainstores.

Autumn finds villagers preparing stored goods for winter as leaves fade. Harsh blizzards and shortages test even the most prudent preparation. Random plagues or fires may likewise strike, demanding quick reallocation of priorities. Overcoming environmental stochastics through resilient infrastructure feels justly rewarding.

Integrating Strategic Depth

Diplomacy, warfare, and religion expand beyond basic models. Allies provide mutual defense pacts while vassals offer taxes in exchange for protection. Charters define privileges granted to Church or noble classes. Raising militias and paying mercenaries requires balancing security and finances. Tactical battles impact both army morale and civilian populations; every casualty bears weight. Trading networks emerge organically through comparative advantages between one's own hamlets.

Fortifying borders against banditry or invading lords challenges players' adeptness at mitigating risk. Few city-builders capture politics, resources, and characters with such interactive nuance.

Manor Lords can initially overwhelm due to interweaving simulations. However, its thoughtfulness inspires perseverance to uncover rewarding strategies. Trial and error fosters true understanding of economic levers, population behaviors, technological unlocks and more. Succeeding generations feel intrinsically tied to past leaders' successes or mistakes.

Whereas many builders plateau after early expansion, here one's expertise and domain grow in lockstep over lifetimes. Through persistence, any player may transform their village into a thriving fortress of prosperity and historical majesty.

Review: 9/10

With its unparalleled attention to authenticity and systemic depth, Manor Lords presents the foremost medieval city-building experience. Its immense challenge rewards dedicated empire-crafters with unprecedented fulfillment in constructing living, breathing realms. New players may feel intimidated, but sticking through initial difficulties promises rich long-term engagements few other strategy games can match.


Slavic Magic's masterwork sets a new benchmark for immersive historical city-building, that takes classic games like Age of Empires to a whole new world of possibilities.


  • Deep resource/production modeling
  • Organic, history-grounded city growth
  • Challenging seasonal planning
  • Satisfying nation building over centuries


  • Steep learning curve
  • Interface adaptation period

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