Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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a game by BioWare
Platform: PC
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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition
Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

If you missed out on the original trilogy you have to check out Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you played the hell out of the original trilogy as I did, you still have to check out this! I could not be any more excited for this, I loved and I mean loved what they did with first game (well maybe not so much that last game) and think that as a trilogy it is one of the best trilogies in gaming. I know some people are not too keen on the 3rd game, but I stand by it and think that all three games are great. Now, we can play them better than they ever have been before!

Three For The Price Of One!

I would wager that by this point most people have an idea about what the story of this series is. Mass Effect Legendary Edition features the three original games where you play as Commander Shepard and you are basically trying to save everyone from a dangerous threat. It is sci-fi storytelling at its very best and the whole morality thing in the game means that you can have Shepard be anyway way that you want them to be. They can be a straight-up hero, or they can go to the dark side and just do whatever needs to be done to get what they want.

Silky Smooth 4K

One thing that has to be addressed is the visuals. These games at the time they were released all looked fantastic and I would argue that Mass Effect 3 still holds up to this day. Well, BioWare has gone above and beyond with the presentation of Mass Effect Legendary Edition as this game is now in full 4K. Players will notice the biggest difference in the first Mass Effect as that has had the most work done on it as that was the game that had aged the most.

We Need Some Changes

As well as the first Mass Effect getting a huge boost to the visuals, the first game has also had many quality-of-life improvements too. These bring it more in line gameplay-wise to the other two games which is great. The first Mass Effect was a bit rough around the edges. It was not bad, but BioWare certainly improved things for the second and third games. You can also play as your female Shepard through the entirety of the first game now which is pretty damn awesome. I know that a few people did not jump on the Mass Effect game until part 2. Even by the time, 2 was released that first game was a tad hard to go back and play. By a million percent this is the way that you need to go back and experience that first game.

Packed With Content!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition features the first three Mass Effect games in all their remastered glory. If that was all they did, that would be more than enough. However, they have also thrown in a ton of DLC that was released for the three games too! From weapons to special promo items that were thought to be long gone. The amount of content in this package is just staggering. You are looking at well over 100 hours of content between the three games!


To say that I am a massive fan of the Mass Effect series is a huge understatement. I think that with this game BioWare and EA have made something that is great for long-time fans of the series. This is like playing through the game again for the first time due to the new 4K resolution and extra content that has been added. On the flip side of this, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is also a great way for someone new to the series to jump in. If you have always wanted to play Mass Effect, now you have no excuse!


  • This features the original trilogy all in one place
  • The first game has had a ton of work done to it
  • This includes a ton of the DLC for each game
  • It still is one of the best sci-fi sagas in any video game


  • Not as much work has been done to 2 and 3 (to be fair they did not need it)
  • This is going to take up all of your gaming time!

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