Matrix Hearts

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a game by Blue Otter Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Matrix Hearts
Matrix Hearts
Matrix Hearts
Matrix Hearts

When I read the description of Matrix Hearts, I thought that it sounded kind of weird. However, I am so glad that I decided to play it as this is a really fun and lighthearted lewd visual novel that is going to make you laugh as well as very happy with the big boobs. I have played a ton of lewd visual novels and I would 100 percent put this one in the category of being very, very good. It is perfect if you want something that is more about having fun than trying to be all serious with its storytelling.

An Olympic Champion Taken Down In His Prime!

The main character in Matrix Hearts is an Olympic climber who after a bad accident has badly injured his knee and he can no longer compete. This puts him in a depression that basically turns him into a real asshole! His friends, family, and girlfriend are sick of him so his family sends him to this technologically advanced island where they are working on a special leg brace that can help him.

Turning Him Around

Remember how I just said that the main character was an asshole? Well getting past his initial unlikability at the start of the game is the most challenging part. Matrix Hearts turns things around and thanks to this “magical” knee brace. Once he is on the island and getting his treatment, he changes his way and there are plenty of ladies for him to get to know and interact with. The story is a lot of fun and kind of weird, but it really embraces this and that was something I really did like. Some of the love interests can be a bit of a slow burn, but the humor and the zany nature of the game in general, more than make up for this.

Maxing And Relaxing

The gameplay of Matrix Hearts is very easy to get the hang of. This is as about as basic of a visual novel as you can get and I mean that as a compliment. Most of what you are doing is reading the story and then every so often you will get the chance to react to something. As the story and the writing are entertaining, it keeps you more into what is going on and really makes you want to pay attention.

I See Them Girls!

Visually, Matrix Hearts is a game that I found to be very appealing. There is a decent amount of love interests for the main character to chase after in the game and there is not one of them that I did not find cute or sexy in some way. The locations in the game are a bit on the “low-res” side if I am being honest, but who is looking at the sand or the rocks when you have a hot chick on the screen? The lewd scenes in the game are animated and the animation is not bad at all.


Overall, I had a great time playing through Matrix Hearts. I know that the premise of the story is weird and that the main character is unlikable at the start, but after about ten minutes, the game really finds its flow and you will start to get invested in this group of characters. If you want a lewd visual novel that is fun, not taking itself too seriously, and has some amazing character renders, you will struggle to top this one here.


  • I liked how the MC went from being a jerk to being likable
  • There is a great selection of attractive love interests in the game
  • It is very easy and fun to play
  • I loved how the story was fun and did not take itself seriously


  • Some of the locations have pretty low-resolution textures which are quite noticeable
  • The MC really is an unlikeable jerk at the start of the game!

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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