Minecraft: Story Mode

Download Minecraft: Story Mode and experience a unique adventure set in the beloved Minecraft universe! Embark on an epic journey, make choices that shape the story, and save the world from a dark threat. Craft your own adventure and play now!
a game by Telltale, Inc
Genres: Adventure/RPG, Simulation
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 7.6/10, based on 4 reviews, 3 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 81 votes
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Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode
Minecraft: Story Mode

As one of the most important gaming releases of all-time, Mojang’s Minecraft: Story Mode changed the gaming world entirely. It created a whole new wave of creative, do-it-yourself gaming that has allowed for some pretty incredible releases over the years.

However, the episodic point-and-click release by Telltale Games, Minecraft: Story Mode, has more in common with classics like Monkey Island and even modern releases like The Walking Dead games compared to the build-a-thon that is classic Minceraft.

An interesting take on the genre

Released by Telltale Games prior to their closure in 2018, Minecraft: Story Mode was built in the same episodic format as most Telltale products. It followed the story of a character made by the player, called Jesse, who travelled with friends to follow the well-trodden path of becoming heroes to save the world from the Wither Storm.

The rest of the story tends to revolve around adventure, finding treasure, and meeting new enemies – and friends – as the story progresses.

It plays like you might expect; moving from area to area, combing the scene for clues and items, and then dealing with action scenes and interactions with the many other characters you might meet. First released in 2015, it was a refreshing use of the Minecraft IP to offer something that was more than a DIY builder.

A tell perhaps not worth telling after a while

Like most story-based games from Telltale Games, the idea starts off fresh and exciting. Towards the end of the first season of releases and absolutely into the second season, though, things began to tale off. Users can quickly spot the plotline unfolding in front of them, and there was nothing like the same creativity or invention in the writing, set pieces, or events that would take place.

Most of the writing becomes paint-by-numbers ‘humour’ and loses much of the charm and freshness that made the first few episodes so good. Indeed, ratings for the first season often jumped from impressive to mediocre, and the second season was also seen as a poor use of the IP. Though the ideas were often quite fresh, and the last couple episodes were actually some of the most well-loved, it lacked the longevity that came with some of the other Telltale games, such as Tales From The Borderlands.

Overall, though, it’s a fun enough jaunt through a world built in the image of Minecraft.


Much like other spin-offs like Minecraft Dungeon, though, it was perhaps a little too light when it came to depth, replayability, and general fun for the gamer. With the stories quickly fading into boring subplots, there wasn’t the ability for Minecraft Story Mode to stand on its own two feet after a while.


  • A fun concept, building on the Minecraft IP
  • Smart use of worldbuilding with kid-friendly stories


  • Lacks the depth an detail of other episodic titles
  • Tends to run out of ideas and freshness pretty quickly
  • Was never truly finished to the level expected

Download Minecraft: Story Mode

XBox 360

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Playstation 3

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

In Minecraft: Story Mode, you can follow the adventurer Jesse in one of several adventures. The game offers voice acting from some of the world’s greatest comedians and invites you to join a lighthearted adventure with the gang. Jesse can be male of female per your choice in the game, and is joined by Axel, Olivia, and a pet pig named Ruben. The game looks almost identical to the world it was inspired by, along with common details from the game. All the characters have their own distinctive personalities, and are engaging and fun to interact with.

Family Friendly

Minecraft: Story Mode does a good job of telling a story without being over the top and is appropriate to play with children. The game invokes some deep fantasy vibes as the “Wither” is unlocked. The gang must gather together to help stop it before it is too late.

A word of warning for adults and teens who like this game, it is not aimed at the older crowd. The storyline is silly, the villains are relatively tame, and the adventure is definitely toned down. The game is a delight for kids age 5-11, perhaps much less so for the older crowd.

Not Quite Minecraft

Although this game is based off of Minecraft, it does offer some differences besides following a story inside the world. The characters in Minecraft: Storymode can change their facial expressions much better than those in the original game, and the crafting system is much easier to use.

The game even goes a step beyond this, making crafting a form of player choice in the game. The result is that although the game definitely feels like Minecraft, it has become its own unique game. It’s also episodic, with each story being relatively short, and 8 episodes included in the first section of the game.

Few choices

Minecraft: Storymode is closer to a visual novel than an actual game. You’ll make a sequence of choices, and those choices will result in a cutscene. While there are some actions you can do yourself, such as crafting, most of the time you’ll simply be watching the story go by.

If you love the world of Minecraft or enjoy the characters, this is a relaxing and fun way to read a book. If you were hoping for an action/adventure game, this might not quite be what you had in mind.

This game is a perfect way to connect with your Minecraft loving kids and is fun for younger kids. If you love Minecraft, want a relaxing and upbeat story, or simply want a fun game for the younger set, this is a good game.


If you’re looking for a meaty storyline and a Minecraft saga similar to what you might make up with your friends in your own Minecraft world, this game will fall a bit short.


  • Fun for kids
  • Streamlined crafting
  • Plenty of story available


  • Not much interaction
  • May be boring for adults

Minecraft Story Mode is an interactive adventure game developed by Telltale, set in the world based on Mojang's hit game, Minecraft. Players take on the role of a young adventurer Jesse, setting out with their pet pig on quest to reunite a lost order of warriors. This episodic adventure is broken up into several episodes, with the complete first season totaling 8 unique episodes. Each episode continues the story of Jesse and their crew, with a fun and self-contained side mission. It's part Minecraft, part classic adventure game, and all parts entertaining. With a mixture of interesting dialogue sequences and quick-time event action, Minecraft Story Mode injects a healthy dose of narrative into one of the most popular survival games of all time!

If you spent a lot of time playing Minecraft before trying out this game, the first thing you'll notice is the massive difference in gameplay style. Unlike Minecraft, Minecraft Story Mode plays like an interactive movie with varying moral choices and dialogue options. Instead of exploring a first-person world for resources, you'll follow along a linear path that's cut into chapters. Most of your time playing Minecraft Story Mode will be spent watching, as a large chunk of gameplay is baked into the cutscenes themselves. In some sections, the player will be able to freely control Jesse, moving around the environment from a third-person perspective. As you interact with your surroundings and find items, you'll progress the storyline. More often, you'll watch cutscenes between all the various characters, choosing which lines you want your character to say. Along with dialogue choices, you'll make some big moral choices that affect the narrative of the game.

Since storytelling is such a big aspect of Minecraft Story Mode, it's a good thing that the story itself is quite good. In the first episode, players follow Jesse and their group of friends as they travel to a nearby convention, EnderCon. There, Jesse and their friends eagerly await the building competition, where they will face off against their rivals, the Ocelots. This lighthearted adventure quickly takes a turn towards seriousness, as Jesse and their friends discover a scientist named Ivor creating a massive beast known as a Wither. Once the Wither gets out of control, it spreads across the world in a massive “Wither Storm”, decimating everything in its path. In order to defeat the Wither Storm and save their world, Jesse and the gang must find the missing Order of the Stone, an ancient group of fierce warriors.

Minecraft Story Mode takes the beloved world of Minecraft and uses it to tell a fascinating and excellent fantasy story. As the episodes progress and Jesse's team becomes more powerful, they explore some truly interesting worlds and go on some awesome missions. Throughout the experience, you're right by their side, making important decisions and fighting creepy monsters. It's a game that at times feels passive, but you'll have plenty of fun watching the events unfold. Ultimately, Minecraft Story Mode Season One tells an engaging and exciting story with memorable characters, which is only made better by the distinct art and charm of Minecraft. I highly recommend you download the free first episode and give it a try!

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