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a game by Ubisoft Pune
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Board games have been a fixture in family entertainment since the beginning of recorded time, with the earliest board games being scrawled into cuneiform tablets as early as 177 B.C. Over time, those board games have evolved to have complex rules, various mechanics, and increasingly elaborate presentations. One such board game, perhaps the most recognizable one all over the world, is Monopoly Plus. The Monopoly Man is ingrained in pop culture, with his signature mustache and top hat both delighting and welcoming people to an hours-long exercise in capitalism.

The Monopoly board game has also evolved over time. It has evolved so much, in fact, that it is now available in digital form as Monopoly Plus. This video game version of one of history’s most popular board games is available now, and if you’re looking to buy up skyscrapers and businesses in a way that would make Mr. Monopoly proud, then here is everything you need to know about Monopoly Plus.

A Board Game Classic, Brought to Life

One of the primary features of Monopoly Plus is its intricate, lovingly rendered, fully 3D board. Each roll of the dice makes the game pieces come to life with delightful animations that match their visage. The car’s engine revs as its wheels move, the terrier's tiny legs waddle, and the boot’s flap flops up and down as it hops into place. However, the endearing animations don’t stop at the game pieces.

The entire world of Monopoly is injected with vigor, fully animated to an extent that it feels like watching a minuscule metropolitan area in action. The citizens of the city strut up and down sidewalks while moving cars fill streets and elevated trains follow their schedules. This is a far cry from a static game board, turning the classic game of Monopoly into a Grand Theft Auto-like living city.

Follow the Rules, or Make Your Own

Another awesome thing about Monopoly Plus is that it doesn’t force you to follow any specific ruleset. This isn’t like playing the classic board games with your tyrannical cousins, Monopoly Plus is a fully customizable experience. Play with the standard rules, pick and choose your favorite ones, or you could even play a more advanced, tactical version of the game called Speed Die mode.


The available house rules were chosen by members of the international Monopoly community, making sure that the rules that made it into the final game are the best of the best with no filler. These internationally agreed-upon rules can be selected individually to ensure the maximum amount of fun. When you are finished messing around with the house rules, Speed Die mode is there to add some extra challenge to the game. This mode adds an extra die to your turns that provide an added layer of strategy and fun.


  • This is the complete version of the classic board game with no exclusions
  • The vibrant graphics and animations add a ton of enjoyment to the experience


  • There could be more customizability in the rules



System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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