a game by Hot B
Genre: Puzzles & Words
Platforms: NESNES GameBoy
Editor Rating: 6.1/10, based on 2 reviews
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We're all familiar with the original Palamedes brought out by Hot-B for the NES. The sequel, which offers more of the same game now contains star backgrounds of the zodiac constellations. Play either a solo version or go side-by-side with a friend. Scheduled to come out later this month.

Game Reviews

  • Type: Puzzle
  • Release: Nov. 1990
  • Levels: 20
  • Difficulty: Avg.

Hot-B has a new type of puzzle game which combines dice with poker. In this, you have a die on the bottom of the screen. Change the number on it's face to match up with one which is falling. This die then appears in your hand and your goal is to make as good a poker hand as possible. The better the hand the more rows of falling dice will disappear. If a falling die touches the bottom of the screen, you die.

People say:


This game tries to duplicate the feel countless other puzzle games on the market, and it does succeed in being different from most. The game wears thin, however, and while there are multiple options, Palamedes just doesn't have that addictive quality that made Tetris so much fun to play!


Dice and poker? I never thought it could be possible yet alone enjoyable. But, it can grow on you if you give it a try. The one player version is OK but the 2 player version is exciting. It takes thinking and planning to beat the computer at a tournament!


Palamedes is a different type of puzzle game that involves as much eye-hand coordination as it does thinking skills. One-on-one play is the best, but it stands well on its own. It's not in the same class as Tetris, but Palamedes isn't bad at all.


A good cube type puzzler for those who can walk and chew gum at the same time! Ah interesting variation of the Tetris theme where fast thinking and quick planning are important! Good tunes and a tournament mode makes the game challenging. Let's shoot some dice!

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