Big Bass World Championship

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a game by Hot B
Genre: Simulation
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Big Bass World Championship
Big Bass World Championship
Big Bass World Championship
Big Bass World Championship

Armchair fishermen have another chance to snag a few linkers when Hot-B releases their Big Bass World Championship for the PlayStation. Packed with features covering every aspect of fishing, this game should appeal to gamers and real-life fishermen alike.

The game begins in the den, where players can select their favorite rods and lures and check the calendar to see what tournament they would like to enter. Players also may consult a 40-page book that contains extensive information and illustrations of the fish species featured in the game. Players can gain vital information about each species' feeding habits and fighting abilities that will prove invaluable later in the game. So much detail is included that it is likely that playing this game will improve the performance of real-life anglers out on real-life water. Understanding what appeals to different fish can go a long way.

Once out on the water, players can use their on-board, fish-finding sonar to locate that prime location. Big Bass World Championship has a wide selection of lures-including spinners, jigs, worms and artificial crawdads and frogs-to choose from. Additionally, all lures are available in natural or day-glow colors for day or nighttime angling. Players will need to choose their lures with great care, since certain lures move differently through the water, thus appealing to different kinds of fish.

Once a lure is selected, the game switches to the casting interface, which allows players to adjust the direction, angle, power and height of the cast, giving precise control over the positioning of the cast. After expertly casting their lines, players can switch to an underwater perspective. Players have fine control over lure action, both to attract fish and to avoid underwater obstructions. After landing the big one, players can weigh it and see if it's a keeper.

Many fishing fans already may own a 16-Bit fishing game, but the graphic improvements offered by the 32-Bit PlayStation are reason enough to consider purchasing Big Bass World Championship. The underwater view best demonstrates the PlayStation's graphic potential.

As the players crank in their bait, the contoured-polygon lake floor scrolls by with extreme fluidity. The fish are prerendered sprites and are accurate down to each species' distinctive coloration and markings.

Hot-B's Big Bass World Championship has all the features to satisfy the most avid fishermen. The game is even endorsed by Hank Parker, one of the sport's top anglers.

With all these authentic features, Big Bass World Championship is sure to give the die-hard fisherman more than enough to occupy his time until fishing season starts up again.

  • THEME - Fishing

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Bass fishing has swum onto the PlayStation, and believe it or not, it provides hours of addictive gameplay to anglers willing to get their feet wet in the world of hooks and lures.

Big-Ass Bass

Big Bass beckons fishermen with a boatload of bait, including four championship tournaments, a private lake to practice in, and a fish encyclopedia where you can look up the eight fish swimming in the lake. There are over 15 lures, from tail chasers to Cajun crawdads, and you have the choice of three poles, ranging from the flexible lightning rod to the heavy action of the gorilla stick.

The interface to cast your lure resembles that of the PGA Tour golf games, using meters that determine the length and loft of your cast. Once the bait is in the water, reeling in the lure is both easy and effective.

Although the graphics look 16-bit when you're driving the boat, Big Bass features some nice animations of the fish stru gling on the surface once they've been hooked. Soundwise, there's hardly a peep while fishing other than the clicks of your reel, hut the banjo music in the introduction may be a little too redneck for most tastes.

Bass Man

Fishing games, just like bowling and golf games, may appear boring to many gamers, but if done right, they can turn into sleeper hits like Ten Pin Alley. Big Bass is one of those games, and it deserves a look. You'll be surprised at the enjoyment you get from trolling the lake and outsmarting the fish that nibble at your line.


  • Use as much time as you can in the tournament. If you dock early, you may pass up the catch of the day.
  • Use jour fish finder in the boat to scout out the best spot in the lake, then pull up and cast jour lure.
  • The jerkbait seems to catch the most bass. When reeling in your line, jerk it from right to left to attract the fish's attention.

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