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Break Time: The National Pool Tour

The game offers a great selection of games, six in all. You get four pool Classics (9-Ball, 8-Ball, Rotation, and 14-1 Rack), a Practice Mode, and a five-city National Pool Tour, where you try to become "America's Number One Hustler."

Championship Pool

The game is basically a straight-forward, virtual game of the popular American billiards game, 8-ball, but also allows you to play 9-ball or straight pool. You could play the computer or up to seven other players.
Sega Genesis NES

Side Pocket

It's a pool game. The unusual single player mode, called "pocket", requires that the player clear all the balls off the table in a limited number of shots, as well as achieve a predetermined score.
Sega Genesis NES

Virtual Pool 64

The ultra-real physics make Virtual Pool 64 as close to real pool as it gets! Choose from 9 types of pool including favorites like 9-Ball, Straight Pool, 8-Ball and One Pocket. Three levels of difficulty: Amateur, Professional and Championship. Mas..
Nintendo 64

Minnesota Fats Pool Legend

It is a pocket billiards (pool) game featuring the legend himself, Mr. Minnesota Fats.
Sega Genesis

Real Pool

When the Playstation 2 launched last October, video gamers rejoiced with the prospect of playing on what would surely be the "must have" console system.

Virtual Pool

Players can "walk" around the table to check out their next shot, take a close-up look, zoom out for the overall picture and line up the shot as they would in a real game with a real table.

Pool Hustler

The old Side Pocket series did this really well and so does Backstreet Billiards. Does this make Pool Hustler a bad game?

Ultimate 8 Ball

The opening screen is of a good-looking woman on a motorcycle making an entrance to a pool hall in style and taking a shot.

Virtual Pool 2

But curiosity got the best of me and I bought it anyway. I played it for three days and shelved it. It just wasn't the same without the beer stains on the felt and the thick cloud of smoke hovering above the Coors Light sign. _Virtual Pool 2_ is ve..

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