Quake Game Series

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Quake 64

Heart-pounding gameplay, spectacular graphics and brain-shattering sound effects - guaranteed to have players jumping out of their skins! Incorporates the ferocity of the single-player game with the ultimate bloodlust of the two-player splitscreen ..
Nintendo 64

Quake 3 Arena

Oh, you can play Quake III Arena with three buddies on one TV in split-screen mode.

Quake Add-Ons

This is the weapon we've all been waiting for, and here it is. This patch adds a toggle to the grenade launcher that turns it into a flame-thrower.

Quake III: Team Arena

Nearly all the modifications that _Quake III: Team Arena_ makes are invisible in the interface, merely adding new features to online and LAN play.

Quake Mission Pack 1: Scourge of Armagon

Also, there are a couple of new items included: The Horn of Conjuring, and the Shield of Empathy.

Quake Mission Pack 2: The Dissolution of Eternity

Your journey has led you down a path of no return. The acrid smell of death fills the air. And you know that the road ahead may surely lead to your grave.

Shrak for Quake

It can not be a good thing if the finished product looks rushed out the door and if the bad guys more often look like evil Gummi Bears or, uh, flying maggots.

Quake 4

That's not to say it's a bad one, however. The production values are high in _Quake 4_, with an engrossing story and tightly scripted events that make for an absolute thrilling time.