Rise Of Prussia

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a game by AGEOD Sarl
Platform: PC (2010)
User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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Rise Of Prussia
Rise Of Prussia
Rise Of Prussia
Rise Of Prussia

As Far As historical scenarios go, the Seven Years War between Frederick the Great's Prussia and an alliance of Austria, Russia and a few other places, isn't necessarily the most exhilarating choice to base a game on. However, it gets attention because AGEOD aren't just doing yet another World War II battle simulator.

More credit is due to this French outfit, as they're formed from only two (to our knowledge) people, a bevy of industrious volunteers, and a pro-active community who create their own games using the same engines that power AGEOD's main titles, like this here Rise of Prussia, Birth of America and so on.

These games are labours of love and so are immensely detailed on the historical side and impenetrable on the gameplay side. To be fair though, this game is much easier on the brain than AGEOD's last game. I felt like I could progress beyond the easiest levels of difficulty at some point, which is something I've never been able to say before about an AGEOD title.

Old Time Warfare

Each game turn lasts 15 days, with units represented by a portrait k of their leader, a 3D figurine (which doesn't look as good) or a depiction of the type of unitit is (a man on a horse for a cavalry unit, for example).

Units are assigned to brigades, which are in corps and then armies, all lead by bigwig generals. It's all part of the Chain of Command, which is a concept drummed into you during the k painful text-based tutorials.

They try to be accessible, but your eyes will be running down your cheeks like eggy yolks before you reach the end of them. Other problems include an interface that has a lot of small buttons and sometimes-intrusive tooltips, combat that's as riveting as watching a David Niven film and a 'ledger' that's a massive splodge of numbers and lists - fine for the enthusiast, but to a newcomer? It's just scary. So while AGEOD maintain their fine tradition of delivering hardcore strategies, casual strategists are again out in the cold, unless they were to find it for a fiver somewhere. And, amusingly, Rise of Prussia is, by far, their most accessible game yet. Keep trying, guys, you may just crack it in the end.

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