Robotron X

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a game by Williams
Genre: Shooting Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.7/10, based on 3 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 2 votes
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Robotron was happy in his flat, top-down world. However with 32-Bit graphics these days, Robotron feels a little behind the times. That's why he's the main character in the sequel to the arcade classic in Robotron X for the PlayStation.

This new addition to the Robotron series is a high-tech translation of the arcade game, Robotron: 2048. The 3-D format of the game is quite a change for Robotron, since his roots started when the closest thing to 3-D graphics were vector graphics.

The intense action of the original game has been captured in this sequel, ensuring that gamers will still feel the tension as they save humans and destroy robots of all shapes and sizes.

Since Robotron X is a CD game, developers were able to add something that the original cried out for: a fast-paced techno soundtrack. What music style would be better?

Easy listening? We think not Besides the music, the weird, electronic sound effects complement the hard-hitting bass line of the techno.

Also on the sound side of Robotron X, for the first time, the characters have digitized voice. Instead of simple beeps and buzzes in the original that might have been a "voice," now spoken words can be heard.

In case gamers don't know, the story behind Robotron X is fairly simple. It's the future and robots are trying to take over. In the process, believe it or not, they're killing every human they come in contact with. The mission is to stop these robots and save the human race from extinction.

The game features more than 100 levels to play through (and we thought the sixth level was fast!). Besides the regular levels, gamers can find and play through three bonus levels. By completing these levels, players will obtain extra points and free lives.

With the new 3-D world comes an interesting question, since the action is so fast-paced, what about movement of the characters in this 3-D plain? Does it get confusing? Panning cameras have been added to enhance gameplay and make it easier to play. This way, when Robotron moves in any direction, the camera will follow, instead of Robotron being "lost" as he walks near the edge of the playing field.

The game also has various two-player modes to choose. The first, the Two-player Competitive Mode, pits player against player as they battle against each other. The other mode, Two-player Cooperative allows two players to help each other rid the world of robots once and for all.

Players can either choose to help each other in this mode or go against each othe for points (the difference being that players can't kill each other).

Now that Robotron has come into the new realm of gaming-namely 3-D-a little adjustment may be necessary, but with hundreds of robots coming after him, we are sure that it'll be a quick one.

Gamer's EDGE

Gamers may remember playing Robotron in the olden days of gaming. Others may remember playing it not so long ago in Williams' Arcade Classics No. 1. Robotron X throws the human-saving hero into the future on a 32-Bit machine. Obviously, there's a huge difference between the arcade machine and Robotron X. Here's a comparison of the original game to the new X version.

  • MANUFACTURER - Williams
  • THEME - Shooting

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


Making games like this is like skating on thin ice-kind of risky. The problem can come if the enhanced version doesn't feel like the original. Robotron X is as hectic as the old game, but it's not as easy to get into as the old one was. The new graphics look great and the techno soundtrack is something I wish the original had, but something was lost in the translation-name-ly gameplay. My guess is that it's the simplicity that it's missing. When I don't compare Robotron X to its predecessor, it is fun to play. As mentioned, the polygon graphics look good and aren't 'overdone' by way of textures and weird effects. Overall, it's a good one.


The first rule of gaming; All things must go 3-D. The second rule; All classics must be revived. Like it or not, that's the trend. Robotron X does a good job of putting the classic Robotron style of play into three dimensions. The original flavor is still there, so all Robotron fans must check it out. I wonder, however, why such a graphically simplistic game is running so poorly on a 32-Bit machine. There aren't any complicated texture-mapping or colorful backgrounds, so why Is the action so choppy? Williams should've put in more frames of animation, even at the expense of some speed, to make the game run better.


Robotron X delivers exactly what you'd expect from an update to the classic, dual-joystick arcade game: nonstop shooting action. True to the game's arcade roots, it packs extremely difficult shooting action, as well. If you don't keep blasting in all directions, the game's population of enemies will overwhelm you immediately. But this intense barrage of bad guys is what makes the game so much fun. The 3-D graphics heighten the intensity; the screen pans and zooms to follow the action. Robotron X plays just fine without the two joysticks, since the layout of the joypad buttons does a fine job of mimicking a second stick.


The more I played Robotron X, the more I realized I was playing the exact same game of yesteryear. Exactly die same game. With no real improvements. Okay, take that last one back. The enemies look very cool compared to the old game, and the 3-D perspective is very well done. Still, I can't help but wonder if it's worth shelling out tons o' bucks for this game when you could get the original Robotron (and the same gameplay) along with several other classic games for the same price. I was disappointed by the lack of new power-ups to help you survive, and the inability to see the whole screen at once.

Run-n-gun robot-zapping is making a comeback with Robotron X, the '90s version of the classic coin-op, Robotron: 2084.


Williams promises 100 levels and 26 enemies, which will be basically true to the original. For example, the Brainbots appear on Level 5 and the Tanks appear on Level 7, as in the arcade game. Gamers will also find 7 bonus rounds, 4 giganto bosses, and 14 techno-funk music tracks. Williams seems to be in full retro-mode with Arcade's Classics and now this remake, but Robotron certainly looks X-citing.


The preliminary PlayStation version's controls were crisp, though arcade vets will miss the dual joysticks. Diagonal shots with four-button PlayStation directionals just don't feel the same. Also, the autocam zoomed in and out of the action, which proved positively lethal as robots snuck up behind you during close-ups. Fortunately, Williams has plenty of time to tune things up.


X gets a 3D polygon facelift, but the scenario's classic Robotron. Robot masters desire to exterminate all humans. You guide the pistol-toting hero in a 360-de-gree gunfight/rescue mission via a 3/4-overhead view.

Robotron X is pure thumb-mashing fun. X is the 32-bit remake of the 360-degree, robot-razing classic arcade shooter.

If you have the thumbs for it, this disc has 100-plus levels. Robotron fans will find familiar foes like the Brains, along with new challengers, as they save the humans.

The graphics have been overhauled thanks to polygon rendering and auto-close-up camera views. The revamped visuals are nice, but the close-ups reduce your field of fire.

Robotron purists can find the original in Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits, but for Robotron hunters seeking something X-tra, X marks the spot.


  • If robots crowd the levels, move around the four fire buttons in a 360-degree circle to make breathing room.
  • Stand along the borders to reduce the angles along which the robots can attack.

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