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a game by Reikon Games
Platform: PC (2017)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 6 votes
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Taking it Punk and making Cyber

Ruiner is inspired by the popular Cyberpunk genre of games and puts it into an over the top stealth shooter. Ruiner is developed by Reikon and published by Devolver Digital. Taking inspiration from other games in the Cyberpunk genre like Neon Chrome and Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni.

Boss, Puppy, Heaven - The future baby names

The plot is simple but still enjoyable as it’s mainly set around you saving a hostage which has been kidnapped by a boss enemy called Boss. There is a simpleness throughout the game although it could have done with a couple of real names it does kind of work here but wouldn’t in other games.

You play as a silent character called Puppy, yeah, Puppy, you help throughout the area called Heaven by a hacker called to wait for its Wizard through Heaven to find Boss and rescue the hostage. As you go through Heaven, you’ll fight a cyber gang called the Creepers led by a sword-wielding man called Nerve. I’m pretty sure there’s some sub-story here that tells us in this game through their names, but I haven’t figured it out, yet, I think it’s definitely there. It could just be the Developers behind Ruiner having some fun because it is kind of funny when you’re playing a quite serious game as someone called Puppy.

Punk incarnated

The graphics in this Ruiner make the game feel very epic, even though the names are funny. The graphics make the game very serious. It’s made through using Unreal Engine 4 which makes a lot of popular games like PlayerUnknown Battleground. Graphically, it doesn’t do anything new, but they have put a lot of effort into the graphics which is shown throughout the game and just makes the game feel right as it has a good balance between seriousness and humour and a balanced game is a good game.

Be Quick or you’ll Ruin!

Ruiner gameplay takes some inspiration from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number with the way you shoot and hit your enemies but that’s where the similarities end. As players, HUD is completely different as you have a health bar and a shield bar which is charged up at different stations through the map. Ruiner also has a dodge mechanic which gives you a chance to dodge through enemies by warping and an ability to slow downtime to get the advantage on enemies. It seems to take inspiration from Katana Zero with these two abilities and some of its story elements but taking inspiration from other games is never a bad thing.

Silent but still deadly...

The game takes inspiration from some great games and makes it their own and makes it into a balanced, enjoyable game. Even though with a simple story, the simple humor spread through the game and a serious tone is well balanced with some great gameplay making the game a great and very satisfying experience.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

RUINER is a brutally difficult twin-stick shooter that will make you shout at your monitor, bend your controller in frustrating, say you are never playing this game again…. And then spend another hour or so playing it!

VCR For a Face

The first thing I heard about RUINER was that the guy you play as has VCR text for a face and I wondered what the heck this meant. It literally means that this guy has a strange helmet on and it has VCR text on it. It sounds weird but it fits this horrible futuristic world where everything has gone to hell very well. There is a story in RUINER, but there is not a ton to it. This is a story all about revenge, your brother is gone and this strange woman is in your head telling you what to do in order to get him back.

All Hell Breaks Loose

RUINER is a twin-stick shooter. You move around levels, just mowing down wave after wave of enemy. The game is very straightforward in its design. You walk a little bit, end up in an area that gets blocked off and you end up in a fight. Rinse and repeat that is the basics of what you will be doing in RUINER.

There is a rather small hub world, but I feel they could have done more with this, to be honest. There is a tiny bit of exploration which may not sound like much, but usually when you do go off the beaten path, you find something cool that you can use in the next fight so it is worth looking out for stuff.

There is a very interesting skill tree at play here. The game flat out requires that you mess around with the skill tree repeatedly. You will die in this game a great deal and by messing around and refocusing your skill points, you can make what seems like an impossible situation bearable. I get what they were going for here and I do think it is a great idea, but having to pause and screw around in the skill tree quite often can get a bit old.

Please Add New Game Plus

RUINER is the kind of game where you will die a ton. The game is pretty generous with its checkpoints, but it is still brutally tough. Once you do make it through all 14 missions and have a ton of great weapons and abilities such as being able to use energy barriers and slow downtime. You really do feel like a badass and going back and playing missions again shows how much fun the game is. I really wish that they added in a new game plus instead of just letting you pick a mission to replay through.

I know that RUINER is a game that is certainly not for everyone. There will be many people who get turned off by how brutally hard the game is. I though, stuck with it and found it to be very, very addictive. As far as twin-stick shooters go this one here is one, I had a great deal of fun with. If you do not mind a game that is going to kick your ass and then laugh at you after, you are in for a hell of a time here.



  • I love the horrible futuristic world the game is set in
  • Some really cool weapons to use
  • You can unlock some awesome special abilities
  • The story while basic is all about revenge and that is cool
  • You feel like a real badass once you beat the game


  • This game is very, very hard and challenging
  • There should be a new game plus

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