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To Any Gamer worth their salt, the sheer mention of aliens and space marines inspires drowsiness in the same calibre as a large dose of Rohypnol. Thank goodness then that Sliadowgrouncls isn't a by-the-numbers FPS, or we'd be asleep at our desk dreaming of the time we found a fiver in the nightclub toilets.

Shadowgrounds is actually a nostalgic top-down action affair -something we haven't seen since long ago, when the chavs now hanging around on our road were throwing toys out of their Burberry prams. However, with some rather luscious lighting and shadow effects, Shadowgrounds turns out to be a satisfying renaissance for the long-missed genre.

Swanning around a downed moonbase and shooting hordes of aliens is the aim of the game. The mouse and keyboard interface are well-utilised and enemies are easily dispatched with a quick cursor manoeuvre. The obligatory shooter weapons all make an appearance too - shotgun, rifle, flamethrower - and can all be upgraded with 'part' pickups for that extra personal touch.

Sadly, Shadowgrounds' success doesn't extend to production: the story is at sub-porno levels and vain attempts at scare tactics are laughable. Plus, while there's a large variety of enemies and boss creatures, Shadowgrounds still isn't what you'd call challenging. Still, if you like a bit of retro, go ahead.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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