Snaga: Breeder Trainer

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a game by MonsterWorks
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Snaga: Breeder Trainer
Snaga: Breeder Trainer
Snaga: Breeder Trainer
Snaga: Breeder Trainer

Snaga: Breeder Trainer is a game that really splits me down the middle in terms of how I feel about it. Let me start by saying that this is a very, very well-made game and a game that I think has a great deal going for it and it is something that I think many people are going to love. This is a lewd trainer style of game and one that features monsters banging chicks and that is something you either think is amazing or kind of grosses you out. It is something that to be honest, kind of grosses me out, but when it is done as well as it is here, it is hard to stop playing!

All Hail The Goblin King!

The story and the writing of Snaga: Breeder Trainer is some of the best and most professional I have seen in a game of this style. We play as a goblin that is pretty much shunned by his tribe. Well, a super-hot and totally stacked blonde babe falls into his life and he decides that he is going to bang her and create his own goblin tribe! The thing is, you can go about this by trying to charm her with corruption or making her scared of you. While I think that the writing is fantastic and well detailed, I can see why some would see it being a tad on the long-winded side.

A Little More Direction!

While I think the story in Snaga: Breeder Trainer is fantastic. I do think that the gameplay is something that needs some work. What we have here is a trainer style of game where you have to click the various scenes to train your breeding machine the right way so that she does what you want her to do. The thing is, it is not really clear what you are supposed to do at any given time to move things along. I ended up just clicking on everything and hoping for the best. I somehow made my way through it, but a little hint or a point in the right direction I think would make things even better.

The Monster Squad!

Remember the Monster Squad? Man, that was awesome how come we do not have a game based on that? Anyway, back to Snaga: Breeder Trainer, visually the game is very impressive and I want to talk about the goblin and the other creatures that are in this game. They look fantastic! The goblin is gross, creepy, and kind of evil looking. I think in any other game, I would be all over these incredible character designs. However, these character designs for as good as they are do have a problem that I will admit is a personal thing with me, but it is a pretty big problem.

Look At The Size Of Those!

Ok, so I just said that the goblin and the other creatures are very well done and I am sticking with that. The thing is, Snaga: Breeder Trainer has one of the hottest looking chicks I have ever seen in a lewd trainer game! She is absolutely gorgeous, a real fantasy type of woman. The thing is, her beauty is kind of ruined by the gross monsters and what they do with her. Look, I get that is the point of the game and it does what it does very well. I just have to say for me personally, hot chicks getting it on with monsters has never really been my cup of tea.


I know that I was just complaining about having to watch this dream babe get banged every which way by some ugly looking creatures. However, the writing and the story in Snaga: Breeder Trainer is so well done that I was actually able to look past this way more than I usually can with a game like this. I think that the trainer mechanics with a bit more refinement could be great and as I said, the story really is something that I enjoyed. Hopefully, we will not have to wait too long for the next update.


  • The writing in this game is great, the guy behind the game has to be a real author!
  • I am liking the direction of the story
  • You can choose how to play the MC, nice or evil
  • There is a lot of lewd content in the game already


  • It is a personal thing, but man the goblin banging this hot chick does nothing for me
  • The game is not yet complete and there has been no word on when the next update will be

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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