Spider the Video Game

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a game by BMG Interactive
Platform: PSX
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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Spider the Video Game
Spider the Video Game
Spider the Video Game
Spider the Video Game


The action/platform genre has received a new eight-legged entrance into a category that has traditionally been dominated by happy, coin-collecting plumbers. Don't get me wrong, this game is nothing like the previously mentioned overly happy character. No, sir. Spider has no cartoony graphics or bright backgrounds. This game is 100 percent action with some serious enemies to contend with. So here it is, the much-hyped and very advertised Spider.

The opening cinematics set the stage for your quest. There are no beautiful princesses or trapped family members to save. The person you are fighting to save is yourself. You are Dr. Michael Kelly, a research scientist and a damn good one at that. Your current project involves creating the first ever cyber-arachnid. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at fusing legs onto the arachnid, success has finally been achieved. Also along the development path, you have created a neural transmitter that allows you to send motion impulses into the arachnid and have the Spider respond. Things seem to be working quite well.

The company that is funding the research decided they needed to send a person in to check the progress of the project. The good doctor decided it would be best to hide most of the critical data for the little visit. The observer came and went and on went the testing. The research progresses to the point that all of the legs are attached. Each of the legs has a weapons available to be attached to it.

During the last phase of testing, you are working with the neural transfer device when some goons break into the lab. Oblivious to your presence, they start destroying the equipment. Finally they come at you. In a state of panic, your consciousness is transferred into the body of the cyber-arachnid and _Spider the Video Game- is born, er, hatched.


Off you go in your new spider body, trying to fight your way to the perpetrators who took your body away from you. Armed at the beginning only with the slashing blade you fused to the front leg of the spider, you must battle your way through six huge worlds and over 30 levels. Each world is unique in look, feel and enemies.

Spider basically falls in the platform category since one of your objectives is collecting power-ups, called DNA, that will award you with an extra Spider life when you reach 100. Also along your journey, you need to find microchips that are required to complete the current level. Sometimes these chips are easy to find, and other times they are a bit tricky to locate. Also, broken pieces of a CD are scattered throughout the level. Upon acquiring all three CD fragments, you unlock a bonus world with all sorts of goodies for your spidering pleasure.

Collecting the above items is really secondary, though. The main objective is purely and simply just staying alive. There are tons of enemies that you will enocounter along your mission. The enemies range from other spiders to giant wasps (maybe they just look giant because, well, because you are a spider damn it!) to killer rats. And this, my friends, is just the edge of the web.

It surely would not be fair to put you up against these enemies without sufficient firepower. As with most games, you are able to locate weapons power-ups randomly placed in some obvious and other not-so-obvious locations throughout the level. These weapons even the playing field a bit. When you start out, all you are equipped with is a wimpy little slashing leg. This weapon will soon prove to be inadequate because you basically need to be on top of the enemy to hit it. Fairly soon into the game, you will locate the homing missiles. These are exactly what they sound like. Use these babies to destroy any flying baddies that cross your path. My favorite weapon that you will come across is definitely the boomerang. The boomerang is cool because you can use it until you die. It has no supply meter so you can just throw this sucker and it comes right back to your hairy little leg.

Spider offers one of the coolest features around. Since you are a spider, you can hang from a web. I know this doesn't sound like much but it does add a whole new element to the game. The creators are now able to place items suspended in air that can only be accessed by hanging down and swinging on your web. Also, since you are a spider, you can crawl on the bottom of platforms and on ceilings. This also opens up a new dimension to the game. Not only will you find items along the beaten path and suspended in air, you have to search the underside of platforms. Most of these items are out of your sight unless you crawl down and look for them.

Graphics and Audio

Spider uses a dark setting, but it is used in an effective manner. The spider definitely looks like one of those 8-legged beasts. The enemies are all very creative and look good. It is very easy to discern between the different items on the screen. The different levels are all unique in their own right. You won't find anything in here that is too terribly groundbreaking, but everything works together effectively.

Bottom Line

Spider is a challenging game that adds some uniqueness to an otherwise run-of-the-mill genre in games. Playing as a spider gives the gamer a whole new experience that is packed with secrets. The graphics add to the mood of the game and it was definitely nice to play a platform type game that has a bit of a dark side to it. I can only play happy games for so long before I get that longing to blow away an enemy by more than just jumping on top of it. Good first effort in the gaming world, BMG.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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