Tail Of The Sun

a game by Sony Imagesoft
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 2 reviews
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Tail Of The Sun
Tail Of The Sun
Tail Of The Sun
Tail Of The Sun

From the developers of Aquanauts Holiday comes a Stone Age title where you are in control of a caveman who must take care of his village, Within the game, you have to complete many tasks as village leader which include forging for food and defending your village from wild beasts such as mammoths. One interesting feature is how your village develops differently depending on the outside forces. Some of these forces are in your control and some are not. Even the smallest decisions such as the food you feed your people is an important deciding factor in how your tribe develops. All in all. Tail of the Sun is an entertaining title that will keep players snickering while they try to plot for the survival of an entire tribe.

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Game Reviews

Tail of the Sun is a weird game. The question is: Is it so weird as to actually be fun?

Tail s Tale

Tail of the Sun doesn't fitneatly into any one game genre, but it comes close to being an RPC with civilization-building strategy elements. You basically guide a band of cave people, one person at a time, on a hunting/eating journey across nine areas in a huge world. Your goals are to evolve the cave people and acquire woolly mammoth tusks, which you amass into a giant ivory tower so that you may reach the mysterious' Tail of the Sun."

Eating and hunting are the keys to achieving your goals, and there's a simple but engrossing strategy to both. Consuming different food items builds six different body parts. For example, eating brain food builds thinking power to develop better tools, while leg food builds running muscles for better hunting. Hunting ultimately enables you to kill the mastodons for their precious tusks, but not until you evolve (see "eating" above) in order to build weapons.

When Rock Was Young

The graphics and sounds are...well...primitive, but they're entertaining. The simple polygonal visuals resemble animated paper cutouts, but they have appeal in a cutesy, cartoony way. The music pumps catchy techno-funk beats, and the effects (like the jungle birdies), while minimal, are right on.

Tail, however, is not for everyone. The gameplay moves as slowly as evolution itself. First of all, your character, which you control in real time, is one of the slowest walkers ever. Fighting animals is simplistic, single-button press hit-and-run action. Sometimes your character actually falls asleep!

Tail does manage, however, to keep you working your tail off. It's kinda cool to guide your tribe up the evolutionary ladder. Exploring the gargantuan prehistoric world reveals bizarre terrain. Also, depending on the body parts you evolve, you can earn different endings.

Fun in the Sun

Tail of the Sun is slow and offbeat, but it's a kick in a weird sort of way. If you're open to strange evolutionary action, grab it by the Tail and drag it into your cave.


  • The more people the tribe has, the quicker it evolves, so consider propagating when you lose someone.
  • Saber-toothed cats will hunt you down after you attack them.
  • If you eat meat, the entire tribe benefits.
  • The Swiftness Power Tattoo located to the south of the village helps you outrun animals during hunts.
  • If your cave person can't run, eat some food fast
  • Throwing objects accurately Is tough, but it helps wear down the woolly mammoths.
  • Build up your brain to speed your evolution. Then work on your legs to run away.
  • If you fall asleep while climbing a mountain, you will slide all the way down!
  • You need to eat lungbuilding food and use the Swim Power Tattoo to reach some of the islands.
  • Make sure you don't fall asleep after you kill a mammoth. Those important tusks might Just disappear.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics against large animals. Try to attack them hum the rear.

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