The Dambusters

a game by Sydney Development Corp.
Platform: PC
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Perceived wisdom has it that reviewing a flight sim add-on is as pointless as evaluating a pom star by the colour of her nail polish. It's only relevant to the foot fetishists in the crowd, and they'll already have their preferred colour choices. If a flight sim fan wants extra liveries for his 747s, he's going to buy the 747 Extra Liveries Kit'. Simple.

The Dambusters is a little different though. Unlike the simple Gmax cut-and-paste jobs that most flight sim add-on packs are made from, this has had some serious time spent on it in the development labs. A tribute to the brave men of the 617 Squadron of RAF Bomber Command, this takes the basic Combat Flight Simulator 2 engine and transforms it into a dedicated WWII bombing simulator.

We're not talking a radical departure here. Bottom line is that you get 25 missions utilising the existing engine - inherent flaws and all in the case of CFS2. You get a couple of RAF bases, some very detailed models of the Lancaster, Mosquito and Wellington aircraft to fly in either CFS2 or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, and naturally you get the bouncing bomb to drop on several German goalkeeping guards. (Carling Black Label, anyone?)

And it's all done extremely well. I'm in no way saying you should rush out and buy a copy of CFS2 just to play The Dambusters, but existing owners looking for a near-authentic recreation of Guy Gibson's wartime exploits won't be disappointed with the efforts Just Flight has gone to. Which bodes well for their future stand-alone sims.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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