The Raven Project

Platform: PC
Rating: 3/10

Raven Project's story line isn't the most original, but its fresh three-in-one blend of one-player shooter gameplay will grab your attention.

Earth's been conquered by an alien race, and you join up with the rebels to overthrow the tyrannical alien government. In missions that range from Alcatraz to the Moon, you face your foes in mechwarrior combat, air-to-surface skirmishes, and outer-space dogfights.

Armed with two lasers and two missiles, the five available vehicles respond smoothly to an identical control setup. In . this unfinished version, the enemies didn't exactly hang tough, so hopefully Mindscape will tune the A.I. for the final product. At this point, the background graphics weren't fully completed, but the 3D landscapes and beautifully rendered cinematics already look sharp.

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