The Universim

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a game by Crytivo Inc.
Platform: PC (2018)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 2 reviews, 1 review is shown
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 6 votes
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The Universim
The Universim
The Universim
The Universim

What if God was just a slob like one of us? Well, now it can be. The UniverSim has spent a couple of years in early access refining its God-Builder game. It allows players to take control of not just civilizations - but an entire planet. The game looked playable from the get-go - using cutesy graphics, sounds, and colors with those simulator mechanics we all love.

The game raised a substantial amount in its Kickstarter goals, showing the faith that players enjoy it, though, could use some refinement. God-Builders are not a new concept, seeing the light of day in games like Populous and Civilization. None have really looked so accessible, though. We're all suckers for a good simulator, so better check this one out.

20 Nuggets Please

Initially, upon announcement, I thought this game was a revival of the weird and wonderful Maxis games from the 90s. The title, The Universim, correlates with The Sims titles - I did think this the game was about Sims in Universities. Then I remembered that's already been done - so that can't be it. Much to my surprise, it was a beautiful looking little civilization builder.

The Universim sets the objects of raising your populace - aptly name Nuggets. As all God-Builders, you'll have to use your units to gather resources, build habitats, research technologies and fend off any foes. You'll be involved in every Nugget decision - from the primitive stage of your civilization all the way to the space race. There isn't anything drastically different from other genre's games except focus on protection and making sure your Nuggets don't do anything stupid.

Like God, you'll spend a lot of time whipping your Nuggets into shape. You'll feel more like a fry cook than an almighty deity half the time with the ridiculous sights and sounds that emanate from your subjects. But some real positives make The Universim stand out - mainly being in the detailed personal touch. You do form bonds with your Nuggets, each with their own unique personalities and statistics. What the game has in uniqueness, however, is overshadowed by similar mechanics of other games. It's fun to watch for a while but becomes all too familiar. You'll research techs, advance epochs, and manage natural disasters - nothing unusual in a simulator and simply tackled. There lacks a sense of achievement and challenge in The Universim.

Play God, Get Wrecked

The Unversim does have noble ambitions as a God-Builder. But in the end, it plays it safe. It's easily described as a game that is Empire Earth in management mechanics and Spore in visuals. The game itself is attractive to look at. The narration really brings much of the civilizations' story to life - but isn't edgy enough to really engage a player in the long run.


Every playthrough feels like a marathon from start to finish, where you can achieve the ultimate goal of civil glory by following the exact same techniques each time. The Universim is a very accessible God-Builder with a marvelous interface and adorable visuals. However, if you're expecting an intricate, objective-based management system - it will fall a bit flat.


  • Includes excellent narration for your civilization
  • The refreshing personal touch on each of your units
  • Easily accessible for a range of players


  • Gets boring pretty quickly
  • Not much variation in management techniques
  • You never really feel like a God

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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