Valkyrie Profile

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a game by tri-Ace Inc.
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile

As you might expect from Star Ocean: The Second Story developer Tri-Ace, Valkyrie Profile plays with the standard RPG formula, mixing in a healthy dose of action and other unique elements. You play the goddess Valkyrie in her search for souls worthy to fight alongside Odin and other Norse deities in their sacred war in Asgard. Throughout the game you recruit and train warriors, choosing which of their skills and special abilities to develop before sending them to fight in the battle with the gods. Much of the game, including town and dungeon maps, takes place on 2D, platform-style levels. You can jump, slide, dash and climb your way around; if you get lost, just consult the auto-map. In combat, each of your four characters is assigned to a button. The goal is to time their moves so they hit simultaneously and open up special bonus attacks. There are also tons of special items, skills, spells and other techniques to learn. So far it looks like Enix is doing a fine translation job--the text is smooth and the English voicework (which there's a lot of) sounds good. Definitely one to anticipate this summer.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

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This is a great first step as Enix's first self-published RPG in the U.S. since the Super NES days. The story closely follows Norse mythology, all the way down to place and character names. The richly detailed, hand-drawn 2D graphics and animation match the attention to detail and accuracy in its storytelling. Depending on your actions there are three different endings to the game. Dungeons are entirely 2D, but are multi-layered, giving them a 3D feel. But what makes this such an excellent game is the innovative battle system. Timing is everything--each character is assigned a button, and you have to time it so your party members hit enemies together for the maximum effect. Hitting their buttons at different times or orders affect how much damage you do, so you've got to develop the right timing. Build up enough hits and you can perform special finishing attacks. Unlike Final Fantasy and many other RPGs, you can't go through the game without managing every aspect of your characters. You have to distribute a lot of the extra experience points you get amongst the characters yourself. Enix did a fantastic job with the English translation too. At first, the voiced dialogue seems a tad cheesy, but it gets better as the game progresses. Plus, there are a few familiar voices from the Pokemon TV show and the U.S. Metal Gear Solid. Close behind Vagrant Story for the best RPG I've played this year.


Valkyrie Profile dishes out the most novel RPG experience this side of Panzer Dragoon Saga. Along with the amazing visuals and swelling soundtrack, you get a character-development as deep as previous tri-Ace title Star Ocean. You can build dozens of items and weapons, and combat is--gasp!--actually fun. Well, most of the time. Battles often require you to experiment with combos to topple certain enemies, although you still tap, tap, tap your way through fights with weaker foes. The story is hard to follow at first. Stick with it. The Norse theme here is bold new territory for an RPG. And I always thought Ragnarok was just the title of a GWAR album.


This is what games would be like nowadays had the 3D revolution never started. Valkyrie Profile is refreshing in a genre that's otherwise crowded by very few bonafide classics and tons of me-too wannabes. While the breathtaking sprite-based graphics immediately make this game stand out, it's once you start to understand the unique fighting system that the true beauty of VP becomes apparent. White everyone else is trying to copy Square, tri-Ace succeeds by being original. That's a lesson other developers would do well to learn. Although the learning curve is pretty steep, this game is an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

People say:


Square Enix's decision to revive this cult classic on the PSP means that rabid role-playing fans won't have to shell out big bucks for the hard-to-find PS1 original. Take that, eBay sellers! But then again, with the promise of cheap downloadable PS1 games on the PSP later this year, charging S40 for a bare-bones port of an antiquated game...seems kinda weak. Companies won't be able to get away with this kind of port for long, but we'll let them slide for now. Although its considerably older lhanmostof its PSP RPG brethren, Lennetli remains an enjoyable quest brimming with deep gameplay and secrets aplenty. Don't expect standard-issue roleplaying, though--Valkyrie blends side-scrolling platforming, clever puzzles, and wildly fun battles (deftly mixing real-time and turn-based elements) to create an engrossing, action-packed adventure. Plus, a steep difficulty curve (even on normal) and some tricky resource management make it less of a cakewalk than most genre offerings. It's a shame developer Tose didn't take more care with this port, though. With its overwrought cinema-laden first hour, finicky controls, and notorious dearth of save points, this game wasn't designed for handhelds. Factor in some sloppy graphical issues (stretched backgrounds, blurry text, PSP-exclusive slowdown) and obnoxious load times (three seconds every time you go to your menu), and this version of Profile can't quite replace that pricey eBay find.


Don't let this game fool you: Underneath its fantasy fagade, LenneW is a numbers game. If you want to survive the battle at the end of the world, you must carefully maintain your characters' traits, hero levels, skills, and abilities. It's deep, but awfully complex--I spent the better half of my first few hours having almost no idea what do to. Other than a battle tutorial, the game offers little help in managing recruits, which determines your success in the game. Once I learned (mostly the hard way), though, my frustration turned into pure addiction. If you can get past the learning curve, you'll find a rich, deep RPG--by PSP standards. Yeah, it's a few years old and a tad rough around the edges...but anyone who missed it on the PS1 should consider this a must-play.


With Lenneth, Square replaces the standard RPG formula of spiky-haired heroes saving the world with one of spiky-haired heroes of Norse legend saving the world. This conceit works, though, because salvaging the souls of worthy heroes (i.e., recruiting them) to stem the tide of Ragnarok (aka the end of the world) makes for a compelling setting. And while the PSP allows modem gamers to rediscover this "lost" classic (since Enix did a crap job of making enough copies and advertising it originally), irritating load times, treasure chests that require an inordinate amount of fussing to open, and some ill-conceived platform elements hamper the buzz. But Lenneth's beautiful art and animation, stellar soundtrack, and unique combat system bring this title to the forefront in a field of imitators while setting the stage for the upcoming Silmeria.

Port Authority?

Who's truly to blame for this slightly janky version of Valkyrie Profile The answer may surprise you. A little-known Japanese developer named Tose oversaw this PS1-to-PSP transplant. In fact, Tose was also secretly behind other slowdown-plagued Square Enix fare such as Final Fantasy IVAdvance (GBA) and Final Fantasy Origins (PS1). Just how prolific are these behind-the-scenes gamemakers? They've already programmed 19 PSP games to date, and over the years, this clandestine development house has worked on an astonishing 1,100 (!) games for myriad developers.

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