Warriors Of Might And Magic

a game by 3DO, and Game Boy World
Genre: Action
Platforms: Playstation 2 GameBoy Color Playstation
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 5.3/10 - 3 votes
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Warriors Of Might And Magic
Warriors Of Might And Magic
Warriors Of Might And Magic
Warriors Of Might And Magic

Many traditional PS one developers seem to be using their first PlayStation 2 titles as an excuse to fool around with all those fun effects that aren't possible on the PlayStation one, and 3DO is no exception. Warriors of Might and Magic, a 3D action game based on the popular M&M universe, is chock-full of volumetric fog, particle effects, dynamic lighting and other keen visual enhancements, making this hack-and-slash title almost more fun to look at than play. This shouldn't be the case with the final version though; a lot of work is being put into the gameplay and story line elements (there's a simple combo-based fighting system and a coolsounding story line), meaning this fall could be a great time for action/adventure fans.

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The PS one version of 3DO's Warriors of Might and Magic is very similar to the PS2 version, it just doesn't look as nice. Warriors still offers a fantasy-themed action/adventure, complete with plenty of sword-based combat, platform jumping and hidden areas to discover. Those of you who have doubts, be still. Warriors of M&M isn't like other M&M games, it's totally original.

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