World Championship Wrestling

a game by FCI
Genre: Sports
Platform: NESNES
Editor Rating: 5.5/10, based on 1 review
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The crowd roars as you climb slowly into the ring. You're Ricky Steamboat of big time wrestling fame-and you're going head-to- head against eleven other National Wrestling Association stars.

Ding, ding-there's the bell! Come out of your corner stalking your opponent warily about the ring. You lunge and throw your speciality move, the "Flying Body Press." One! Two! Three!-pin your opponent for the count!

Pick Your Man

World Championship Wrestling from FCI introduces you to the rough and tumble NWA by enabling you to be one of the twelve most popular NWA wrestlers. Besides Ricky Steamboat, you'll recognize such greats as Road Warrior "Hawk" (whose favorite moves include the Brain Buster and the Boston Crab), Kevin Sullivan (who favors the Cranium Kick and the Cobra Twist) and Michael Hayes (who likes to wrestle opponents to the mat with the Atomic Drop and the One-Hand-Back-Breaker).

Show Them Your Moves

Once you've picked your wrestler, begin the game at the Mode Select and Favorite Moves screens.

These two features make World Championship Wrestling one of the best wrestling titles to date.

The Mode select screen has four game types to choose from, including the One Player Vs. the Computer mode. This mode pits you against each of the eleven other computer opponents twice before you finally face the WCW master.

ProTip: Against the Master you must use the Running Move to have a chance at victory.

It's tough, but don't worry -- there's a password feature. WCW also features One-Player Tag Team vs. the Computer, a Two-Player Wrestler vs. Wrestler, and a Two-Player Tag Team vs. Tag Team as well.

The Favorite Moves screen enables you to choose four moves per match out of each wrestler's eight favorite moves-including such memorable body crunchers as the Cobra Twist, Boston Crab, Back Drop, and the infamous Pile Driver. Each wrestler also has a favorite specialty move. If you're near the center of the ring and your opponent's power points are below a certain level, let loose with a move like Sting's deadly Scorpion Death Lock. You'll max up your power meter and do serious damage to your opponent.

In addition to all of your Favorite Moves and your Special Move, you can Run, climb onto the corner posts to execute such moves as the Diving Body Press and Diving Knee Drop, Fall on your opponent, and Drag your opponent by the feet. Even better, your moves aren't confined to the inside of the ring! Launch your attacks from on top of the ropes, climb outside of the ring to grab deadly weapons, or best of all, toss your opponent right out of the ring!

There are three kicking actions you can use to defeat your opponents. First, try standing and kicking, it that doesn't work, try kicking and then moving forward and kicking. It this tails, try kicking, then moving backwards and kicking. Remember, it takes a little timing and practice to master these moves.

Hit the Mats

Try four paths to victory. Get a Fall Count of three or drive your opponent's power bar to zero so they give up. Likewise, trick your foe into a Penalty Count of five or keep tossing him out of the ring until he's out of the match.

The quickest ways to get a win: First, throw your opponent out of the ring. Next, wait until 12-14 seconds have gone by and perform a favorite move. Finally, wait until the IB second mark and heave your opponent into the stands. II dune correctly, you should win by an Out of Ring count.

Altogether there's enough wrestling action here to keep even the heavyweights hustling. Add up the scores from the judges Championship the unanimous winner.

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