ZERO Sievert

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a game by CABO Studio
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 3 votes
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ZERO Sievert
ZERO Sievert
ZERO Sievert
ZERO Sievert

After a brutal nuclear fallout, the world has changed forever. The world has become a brutal place to survive, with few being able to live up to the task. ZERO Sievert is a bunker that is safe to everyone, with the expectation that the people taking refuge will not fight even if they are enemies outside the bunker. Players take on the role of a hunter, who must feed the population and help them out in various ways.

Two Worlds

The game is divided up into two major worlds. The bunker, which is a safe location free of monsters, is a place where players can craft or buy new gear and heal up any wounds. This is also where the player will find missions for the outside world.

Outside the bunker is where most of the missions are conducted, and where players will need to go to find food and needed materials. The outside world is full of monsters and dangers.

Poor Tutorials

ZERO Sievert is a brutal game with no room for error. Unfortunately, the tutorials are not well designed and extremely difficult for new players to catch onto. Although the extreme environment is fun and challenging for advanced players who have figured it out, new players may end up discouraged.

This is combined with a general lack of direction for the game that makes it hard to tell if players are heading in the right direction. There’s no formal main quest, with the odd jobs at the bunker being the only quests that shape the story.

If you’ve ever played Escape from Tarkov, be prepared for the same level of brutal, nothing held back, difficulty.

Starting from Scratch

The game starts you out with a few scraps and your name. Everything else you will have to find, craft, or otherwise fight for to get. This can be very difficult at first when the mobs are unforgiving but you need their materials to make it easier. The game has a pretty neat selection of weaponry, and just like in Escape From Tarkov you can modify these weapons to make them unique.

Although it is extremely difficult to get started in this game, it is engaging and fun once you’ve figured out how to work it.

Simple Graphics

The game has opted for a simple, top-down view and pixelated graphics for most of the game. Although it is pixelated and set up like 90s RPGs, the quality of the graphics are still higher than average for this style. Sound is also reasonable but nothing to write home about.


This game is likely to appeal to those who enjoy finding the ultimate challenge. Although there is a steep learning curve and new players may find it hard to get going, the game is fun for advanced players. This game is best for players who are experienced in gaming and do not need tutorial help to get started.


  • Very challenging game
  • Hours of gameplay


  • Difficult to start
  • Poor tutorials
  • No main quest to speak of

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

ZERO Sievert is a top-down role-playing game in which you have to survive in post-apocalyptic Russia.

Find bandages and gold

Each level in the game is randomly generated, giving you a much more unpredictable experience. Each new location has a set of quests and a stash of useful resources waiting for you. All resources can be sold in the bunker, which is sort of the heart of the lost civilization. Here you can earn money, sell extra items, train new skills, communicate with survivors and rest.

Rest Base

The bunker also needs repair and protection from constant attacks by mutants and feral animals. Reminds you of the original Shelter strategy game, doesn't it?


If you like post-apocalyptic and zombie games like Fallout, Thermonuclear, Terraria, Stalker and Metro - then ZERO Sievert from the developers of CABO Studio you will surely like it!


  • Choose weapons according to your taste - from knives and daggers for close-contact silent combat to powerful rocket launchers and grenade launchers!
  • By the way, weapons can be combined with each other, making incredibly deadly options.
  • Cute drawing and bright visuals.


  • The game is scheduled for release in summer 2022

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