ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay Cheats

SNES Cheats

Hidden characters

Enter the following codes on the game selection screen: Butch: Hold L and press X, R, A, X, R(2); Peelgood: Hold Down/Left, then press B, Y(2), A, Y; Sarge: Hold X, then press L(2), Up, Down, Left, Down; Jack: Hold Up, and press A(2), R(2), Y, A; Ice: Hold B, and press Up, L(3), Right; Thunder: Hold Up/Left, and press Y, B, X, B(2), X, A; Slyck: Hold Y, and press L(2), Up, L, Left, R; Spike: Hold R, and press X, B(2), A, Y, Left, A.

Enable all hidden characters:Hold L + X, and press Up(2), Select, Up(2), Right.

Top speed

Hold Y, and press L(2), R, Down, Left, R at the game start screen. The speed may now be set to ten in the options screen.

Random character

Press R + L at the character selection screen.


  • Interplay for Super NES

  • F651-7FA4 - Infinite Energy/Time

  • DBOB-E4D1 - Difficulty Option