ECCO Cheats

Genesis Cheats


  1. At any level in the game, find what you need to get past that level, and then you will be faced with a description of the next level and a password. When this screen appears, press and hold the A button and then START. The game will pause. Unpause and there will be no music. It works if you don't die.
  2. When you start the game, swim to the left to access the password screen. Now, put in the code, SHARKFIN. Press START, and a description will tell you that you are in the lagoon area. Your sonar will now freeze and kill jellyfish. Plus, you won't need to come up for air.

Debug Menu

  • Manufacturer: Sega
  • Machine: Sega CD

In the game, have Ecco face you and then press START. Now, key in Right, B, C, B, C, DOWN, C, UP.

To access the Debug Menu for this game, go into a level and make Ecco do a U-turn. When his face is facing you square, press START and then just key in this code on the first controller: RIGHT, B, C, B, C, DOWN, C, UP. You will be taken to a Debug Menu Screen that'll let you choose your level, unlimited life, etc.