Judge Dredd - The Movie Cheats

SNES Cheats

Cheat mode

Press Left, Up, X, Up, Right, Y before the copyright information screen disappears. The names of the development team will appear near the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Press A + Y when the phrase "Say No To Cheats" is displayed. The phrase "Level Select Activated" will confirm correct code entry. Press B + X. The phrase "Energy Gain Activated" will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to begin game play. Press Select to display a level selection screen. During game play, your energy will be restored after every hit. Pause the game while fighting a Boss to fully restore the life bar.

Passwords for levels

Level 2- Password is QBGB; Level 3- Password is VPFD; Level 4- Password is CPRY; Level 5- Password is FCWZ; Level 6- Password is RLFJ; Level 7- Password is CBBY; Level 8- Password is TDYT; Level 9- Password is KKBG; Level 10- Password is VYRX; Level 11- Password is CNRN; Level 12- Password is CRQF; Level 13- Password is DXHG; Level 14- Password is QBTV; Level 15- Password is TMKT; Level 16- Password is VMTB; Level 17- Password is XCWV; Level 18- Password is TQZH.