Legacy of the Wizard Cheats

NES Cheats

Sixteen of all items

Hold Up/Right + A + B on controller two and Down/Left + Select on controller one at the title screen. With all those buttons held, press Start on controller one. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Select Roas (the boy character), move outside to the tree shop. Try to buy a crystal, then return home. Select Roas again, move outside, and use all available magic energy. Return home and position the finger of the on-screen pointer on the eyes of the picture hanging on the wall. Hold Left + B on controller two and Right on controller one without moving the pointer. While all those buttons are held press A(16) on controller one. Sixteen of each item, except crowns and the dragonslayer sword, will be available.

No damage on spikes

Hold Up while walking on the spikes.

Suggested quest order

Get to Keela (the dragon seen in that prison of stone within the center of the caves). Using her as a reference point, send Pochi (pet monster) for the crown in the bottom-right area, Lyll (daughter) for the crown in the top-right, Meyna (mother) for crown in bottom-left, and Xemn (father) for the crown in the top-left. Use Roas to fight the dragon after finding all four crowns and the dragonslayer sword.

Secret Code

Legacy of the Wizard is an extremely complex and detailed game that unfortunately has an inadequate save feature. Here's a code, however, that will let you begin your quest with all of the tools and weapons available - including the four crowns that let you warp from area to area (when you jump into the pictures of the Princess) as well as the Magic Sword which is the only weapon that can destroy the Great Dragon at the game's finale (remember to jump underneath the Dragon mural while holding the sword to bring the beast to battle):


Special Trick

When the title screen appears, hold right, up and the 'A' and 'B' buttons on controller two. On controller one, at the same time, hold left, down, and 'Select'. Then pust 'Start' on controller one. If you hear a tone, that means the trick works.

Music Lesson - When the family is seated at the table, move the cursor to the painting to change music.

Free Armor - Choose Roas and go to the shop in the tree near home. Buy the crystal - it says you don't have the money but you'll get it anyway.

Bonus Players - After getting the armor, go to the house and select Roas (the son) and armor. Stand outside with the armor on and run out of magic. Go back into the house. This is where you can enter a password if you have it. When your character's life goes down to nothing, it will refill three times.