Rock n' Roll Racing Cheats

SNES Cheats

Drive as Olaf

Hold L + R + Select at the driver selection screen. Olaf from The Lost Vikings may be selectable as a driver.

Inferno level in Vs. mode

Hold L + R + Select at the planet selection screen. Inferno may now be selectable.

Larry sound test

Disable Larry on the options screen. Then, hold A, B, X, or Y to re-enable Larry on the same screen. Hold that button and press L or R to hear different quotations from Larry.


Enter 989Y C02V WS6M for $999,999 at the Veteran difficulty level. Enter J89! CO2V WS6M for $999,999 at the Warrior difficulty level.

Glitch password

Enter 43G1 XYPZ 9WMB as a password to play with various glitches in the game. Other passwords with various effects are GPQX XYSK 5WJ!, R4D0 RQN7 1WJ!, ZC7X XYNH SWJ!, 836N XYPZ 4S4B, 22KN XYNK JTMB, 16ZX XYNQ DWMB, 8CQX XYLR NWJ!.

To immediately select the planet Inferno, just do this rather simple trick. At the Title Screen, choose VS. Mode. When you get to choose your planet, press and hold the top L and R button and SELECT. When you scroll through the planets, you can select Inferno.