Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Cheats

Genesis Cheats


Now you can be invisible and virtually invincible with this code for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. You must have a Game Genie peripheral to make this code work. At the title screen, enter:


After you enter this code, go into the game. Deliberately get hit to see if the code has worked. You will know it has worked if you are suddenly turned invisible. Being invisible has its advantages and its disadvantages. You are invincible, but you cannot collect normal rings. You can, however, get the 10 rings that are in the monitors.

Try to collect a shield, so you can see where your location is on the screen. Make sure you don't fall off a cliff either, or you will plummet to your doom.

If you are one of those people who like to make things more difficult, then this is the code for you. If you have a Game Genie unit for the Genesis, you can do this code. On the Game Genie password screen, enter this code to start with only one life for the first player:


When you are playing this game with a friend, you can give player 2 the advantage by putting in these Game Genie codes for the Genesis. At the Game Genie password screen, put in these codes for various advantages.


  • JXGA-CA7G - Infinite lives for Player 2
  • SATA-DAVW - Rings worth 8 for Player 2

You can change yourself into Super Sonic with this awesome method! This is best accomplished with 2 players. Go into the first level, collect 50 rings, and find the nearest Star Pole. Touch it and jump up in the rotating stars to enter the bonus level. Use 2 players and collect all the rings necessary to get the Chaos Emerald. Once you grab it, press the Reset button on the Genesis. When the title screen appears, go into the Options, and then press START to get to the first level again. Repeat the exact same process over and over and you will see that the bonus stages change, and you get different emeralds each time. Once you collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds, go back into the level. Now what you must do, is collect 50 rings and jump into the air. Wow! You are now Super Sonic! He can run faster and jump higher than before. His rings go down every second, so stock up!