Super Bomberman Cheats

SNES Cheats

Sound test

Use a Multi-tap accessory and hold Right on controller five.

Head start

Bomberman is invincible, and will blink, at the beginning of each stage. Drop a bomb. When it explodes, repeatedly tap A and move around the stage to clear a large portion. Stop immediately before the invincibility ends to avoid damage.


Enter 5656 as a password.

Clear a Huge Path

  • Manufacturer: Hudson Soft.
  • Machine: Super NES

When you are invincible in the beginning of any stage, put down a bomb. When it explodes, rapidly press A.

At the beginning of any stage, you will be blinking with invincibility. Put down a bomb. As soon as it explodes, press the A button rapidly and move throughout the playing field. You'll destroy everything in your path. Do this until the invincibility wears off. Make sure you quit before it does, or you'll get hit by the blast.

Shrink Code

This code will allow you to shrink your character to a very tiny size. At the Title Screen, move the cursor down to the Password Option and press START.

On the Password Screen, enter the code: 5656. When you start a normal game, you will see that your character is very small! Use the tap to shrink all players in a battle.

Sound Test

Make sure your multitap is plugged into the second port of the Super NES. Plug a controller into the fifth port on the tap. When the Title Screen appears, hold the top R button on the controller in the fifth port. A sound test screen will appear a few seconds later!